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OFF tips & cheats.

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OFF Tips & Cheats



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Use of in-game map (m) causing crash?


This is a possible fix for this problem, sent to me by Winder:


there is one way you could reduce the draw on your video card whilst looking at the maps. which is supposedly cuasing your CTD. (I dont actually think this is the case)


in the folder

C:\Program Files\OBD software\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\uires\map


you will find 3 bitmap images.






if you open the High and med images with say paintshop or even paint (which is a standard MS image editing program) and resize them to the following sizes.


alt_high.bmp 469x461 pixels


alt_med.bmp 938x922 pixels


this will greatly reduce the size of the image, but is barely noticable in game.

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Quote:Originally Posted by FenrisWlf viewpost.gif Hi all,

I just ordered Track IR 4 and was sitting here pondering my receiver placement, the thing is I am not sure I can sit it on top of my monitor as it is a 47" HD screen so setting the thing on top would put it a good 12" over the top of my head. I had a though of perhaps using a mic stand behind my chair and setting it on that and flip my cap around backwards, as I will be using the bill clip method. I wonder though if the light from the monitor will bother the receiver. Should be limited though as my head should block most of it. This only works though if the software supports a reversed axis setup.

I would appreciate any thoughts or tips from the experts.

Thanks.Firstly I got a better reponse ( less jaggies - grey sawtooth on rapid head movement) when I place the camera 5" left of center, than all the way over on the corner, 22" LCD


You'll find ( if you look close ) the camera itself, is joined to the 3 legged base by a tiny ball and socket deal. Which means it CAN be tilted downwards towards your hat. However the wire itself exits the rear of the camera forcing an upwards or straight ahead position. While the reflectors are a good 12" below.


I would try to take the weight of the wire off the camera itself, by putting a loop in the wire, alas it doesn't have enough wire. So an extension cable is in order, it's a USB, it ain't magic. But in the Cable Department, I'd go with a BELKIN or some other brand name, rather than a cheapo made in China. Also go as short as possible, which is probably 6 foot.


It also might require some USB swaping. As you have primary and secondary USB's. Normally the stronger ( voltage wise ) are off your motherboard, the secondaries are in the case


Sounds like a lot of trouble, but Not many 47" LCD's out there kilroy.gif__________________

I'd rather be on the ground wishing I was aloft, than aloft wishing I was on the ground user_online.gifreport.gif



I have used TiR on a 70" Samsung HDTV playing IL2 for a year or so now with great success.


The TV is positioned fairly low so that from my seat, looking normally ahead, the screen fills most of my visual field, which means that my eyes are a few inches above the centre of the screen. My eyes are about 5 feet from the screen. The TiR thingie sits on an artist's easel in front of the screen so that it does not quite intrude on my eyeline to the screen, but is just off the bottom, a few inches closer to my head but still way beyond the normally recommended distance.


The only time it loses tracking is if I move my head up too sharply, so the up/down gearing needs to be quite acute so that your in game pilot can look up. So long as I do not lift my head up too sharply it works brilliantly.


I toyed with the idea of fixing it on a stick on the top of the screen, but the USB connector is too short for my set up.

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The tips & cheats has been a most informative read. I have plowed through it half a dozen times at this point. Thank you!


Something I've been meaning to ask about is the F12 command. I cannot find any reference to that anywhere either in the game or any doc anywhere other than the tips & cheats. It does not appear to do anything (at least for me) in the game either. When I first read about it I thought that was great because in other games I play, I really like having a joystick button I can press that I've programmed to override TrackIR and pop into a "gunsite view" for close in combat. I really wish this F12 command worked as it is perfect. The closest thing I have found is F4 (View Forward) but the problem is it is a "cycle" command and you have to cycle your way to the "Iron site" view which doesn't work at all in what I want to do.


Anyway, thanks for any insight on this and thanks again for the great tips & cheats!


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Best advice!!!!! All of us "newbies" need to heed this.


I tried to start in 1918......................realistic, hard mode...............got my tail fin shot to hell......................going back a little. Gonna start in 1917.



Need to start slower..............take some time.....................not worry about score......................staying alive is the key.




Maybe the Allies are better to start with. SE5a a good kite. WOW is this game fun! I can't stop reading about it, researching it, buying more books about the air war.


Did anyone know that the "first" DR1 had NO STRUTS? The cantilever wings were strong enough without them? All three of them, but the test pilots were frightened by the wings moving about and thought it was unstable,so struts were added?

Found that the other day while looking up what the different characteristics of planes during WW1 were. This game just keeps getting better and better.

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One of the Hidden Features of OFF


Clic on CREDITS ( nobody ever does ) Make sure your speakers work. After the actual credits, there appears a field of red poppies, and the taped voices of four WWI pilots, all of them frightfully British, followed by the reading of "Over Flanders Fields"



I found that last night by accident...truly riveting descriptions of their accounts. I'm ecstatic that the developers chose to put those in...nice touch!

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