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A great Gmax tutorial from Stumpjumper

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I am goig to give out for realse one of my basic gmax source file with a basic texture sheet, and a link to viso's gmax tutrial and his link, this way wll give ppl a good start on learning how to play wiht gmax, and get some more modlers going in the art from myself i am stil learning watch for announcemnt (sure beats learning to make a teapot i think)

i suggest you print out this tutorial


gmax learn it live it love it


best of luck stump

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edited by OvS for title change only. Great info Stump!

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Thanks Stumper, I've been toying around with Gmax for about a week now. It's tough stuff but once you get a handle on what everything does and the correct menus for what exactly you wish to achieve, its not so bad. Im still working on the latter half. lol. So far Ive made a fuselage for an A.E.G. C.IV. Needs more work though.




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That tutorial is essential for all new CSF3 modellers, gets you the very basic understanding as quickly as possible.. but it's tough.

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For the past few months, this thread as been staring at me like the money I could be saving at Geico. So today I broke down and got Gmax and accessories, then started looking at this tutorial. That's when depression set in.


You need a bunch of stuff besides Gmax to do this tutorial. Unfortunately, some if it is hard to find and other stuff is no longer available (this tutorial is about 2 years old now). Here's the checklist of stuff it says you need before you start:


Gmax: Hard to find because Turbosquid has no link for it on their main pages and Autodesk's site doesn't mention Discreet products at all. You have to Google "gmax download" to find the link.


CFS3 SDK stuff: You have to dig for this because MS no longer really supports it. But you can find it in the download section of the CFS3 site. The link in the tutorial for this is the correct URL, but the link itself doesn't go there, so you have to type that in by hand.


DXTBmp: Still available at MW Graphics, but hard to find because he's made newer stuff that doesn't work as well for this purporse.


www.avhistory.org: There is no "KnowledgeBase" section there any more, and to download anything you have to register.


CFSx 1% Stuff: This was all at www.netwings.org, but that site has been offline since April with no prospects of coming back. Avhistory has some of the stuff, apparently, but some of it is different from what's called for in this tutorial.


Gerry Beckwith's Mudpond stuff is actually now at www.mudpond.org. Also, the Flight Dynamics Workbook and Air Update Utility no longer exist--you have to get Air Wrench, which you have to pay for. It costs $20.


Apparently, you also have to find a copy of CFS2 to use the test gauges to make sure your plane flies correctly.


Otherwise, no problems getting this stuff grin.gif .


I suppose there's no choice but to buy Air Wrench. And I suppose I could use an OFF plane instead of the Hurricane used in the tutorial. And it probably would be a good idea to register at AvHistory. But all that is more than bargained for when I decided to get into this. So there's the 1st test for would-be model-makers. Do you want to do it badly enough to go through this?


I'll need a couple more drinks before deciding that.

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