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Map of Somme Area 1916

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Map of Somme Area 1916

Map of The Somme Area 1916


March 2009


The original, large, paper map which is the basis of this set was lent to me by Hugh Baldwin, "Bletchley," back in October 2006. It was a project to bring some maps into the Over Flanders Fields W.W.I. flight simulation as well as supply maps for others interested in this period of W.W.I. history.


The original map was badly creased, ripped and worn and being very large I had to scan it in pieces, then paste it all together accurately in Photoshop and then restore it and enhance it.


The main map is now divided into 6 segments, each indexed to a map segment by Number/Alphabet. Each segment overlaps so that there is no loss of detail and each segment is clearly marked in the upper right corner with it's index letter number.


I hope you enjoy these and they help in your flying in the OFF BHH game, or in any other historically accurate WWI sim.


These will print out nicely on Letter size paper (8.5"x11") or larger. Use them in game to mark way points, landscape reference points, flight paths, etc.



Contact me if you have any questions.





Please feel free to share these with others, but please give credit and do not alter them.


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