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Need a Vacation to fly OFF

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I have owned OFF BHaH for a little over a month now, and believe it or not, I have been able to complete only three campaign missions. Being a stay-at-home husband and father you'd think I'd have all the time in the world, but alas, that couldn't be further from the truth. A housewife's (or husband's in this case) work is never done and there is always some little something in the back of your head that you need to do instead of spending time in 1918, which is very distracting when trying to stop the krumpet menace. Anyway, it's been like a new romance, a quickie here and a quickie there, but neither myself or Athena really being satisfied. I wanted to take my time and satisfy her properly. I actually think my three year old son has come closer. (see picture) After much thought and deliberation, I came to the conclusion that if I were to get up at five am, I could get at least a couple of hours stick time before the Missus needed me at seven. She's a quadriplegic and gets out of bed then. This morning everything was going according to plan.

It was 15 April, 1918. I'm flying a DrI for JGIII out of Halluin. Myself and four others took off in a driving rain, surprised we were even flying tooday, we then circled the field until we got to mission altitude and headed for the front. Bolle, Baumer, and two other heavies were a couple of miles ahead in Flight 1. We were heading for an Allied airfield outside of Ypres. I made the mistake of flying into a cloud enroute and come out of it upside down and 1500 feet lower. I caught up with my flight and continued on. I couldn't help but love this new DrI. It's like riding a spirited stallion, always ready to rear up. A very skittish aircraft, but that is one of it's good points. Four miles from the target we encountered six Wolsley Vipers from 84 Squadron coming at us from 1 o'clock high. I signaled my wingmen to attack and the fight was on. I picked out one and got on his six. He must have seen me because he immediately winged over and headed for the deck in a tight spin. I checked six and it was clear so I watched his aerobatic display and followed at a reasonable distance. Once he got to the bottom of his dive I was about 300 feet above and behind him. As he came up I could see directly into the cockpit. I fired about thirty rounds directly into it and he stalled and spun in, exploding on impact. I then chose a second SE5 and commenced work on him. He was a slippery one. Side slips, reverses, Immelmans, you name it, he tried it. I was patient, not trying to duplicate his aerobatics, but counter them with my own. I finally got a good shot and let him have it. His upper wing flew off and I must have shot his seat loose because he came out, seat and all. I checked my tail and saw two SEs coming at me from behind so I pulled back on the stick and pointed the nose in the air and thought to myself when it responded, "Richthofen was right, it does climb like a monkey!" The two SEs were coming too fast to follow and continued on beneath me. I nosed over and got on the tail of the second one and squeezed the trigger............Then the Windows start menu came up and the game froze. I had indadvertently pushed the key with the "Windows" logo on it and could not get it to work again, no matter what I tried. I was disgusted to say the least. I guess it'll be quickies until tomorrow morning Athena. I'll see you then!



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Yes, sometimes, there's so much to do workwise - I'm having a similar problem (both, with work, and system crash).

Read my thread "Could have been my day,but...", and you'll see. Maybe, there are still some stones to be moved out

the way for the devs? But until then, I think we both did some great flying. And I wouldn't have any other sim!


Your little son looks cute in his "cockpit" - reminds me of Linus, or was it Schroeder, from the peanuts.

Enjoy the time with him being so little - they grow over your head incredibly fast (Lol!)

Cheers! Olham

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