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Aircraft list for Phase 3 ?

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Just inquiring as i'm keen to get Phase 3 (although i'm in NZ so cash rate makes it a bit more than "$50 bucks" haha! I'd like to see whats currently in, and also whats being thought of coming up if its not too much trouble?

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The complete list of features for P3 are at http://www.overflandersfields.com/features.htm

Here is the a/c list:

Allied Single Seaters/Fighters:


Bristol F2B (fighter role) NEW For P3!

Bristol Scout


DH2 Late

Nieuport N11 "Bebe"

Nieuport N16

Nieuport N17

Royal Aircraft Factory Se5a - Hipsano engine - Enhanced For P3!

Royal Aircraft Factory Se5a - Viper engine - Enhanced For P3!

Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Triplane - Enhanced for P3

Sopwith Triplane Twin Guns - NEW For P3!

Sopwith Camel - Enhanced For P3!

Spad VII - Enhanced For P3!

Spad XIII - Enhanced For P3!



Allied 2 Seaters or Bombers:


Bristol F2B (bomber/reccy role) - NEW For P3!

Sopwith 1&1/2 Strutter 2 seater

Sopwith 1&1/2 Strutter single seater fighter/bomber variant

Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b - NEW For P3!

Royal Aircraft Factory RE8 - redone - BRAND NEW model For P3!

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2C - NEW For P3!



German Single seaters:


Albatros DII

Albatros DIII early

Albatros DIII

Albatros DV early

Albatros DV

Albatros DVa

Albatros DVa 200 PS

Fokker DR1

Fokker DVII


Fokker DVIIF

Fokker EIII

Halberstadt DII - NEW For P3!

Pfalz DIIIa



German 2 seaters or bombers:



Hannover CL IIIa - Enhanced For P3! (new Virtual cockpit!)

Roland CII Walfisch - NEW For P3!




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