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Historical Reference Sources and Websites

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Salute All,


Over the years I know many of us have collected not only books and materials concerning the Great War but have also come across outstanding websites that provide a wealth of information in many forms as well. I just wanted to share a few of mine with you folks and hope that others will do the same. So to get this started here are two websites I have found to be both informative and entertaining:


London Gazette Archives


British Pathe Film Archives


Also, from my personal library, here is one of the maps from Raleigh and Jones 9-volume masterpiece, "The War in the Air: Being the Story of the Part Played By the Royal Air Force in the Great War". This is an incredible work that provides not only an in-depth history of the air war from the British perspective, but a myriad of vital statistics, graphs, and charts, and two cases of large maps as well.





I hope others will share a few of their own WWI information sources that they have discovered.





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Excellent idea RAF_Louvert.


I've spent a few hours looking at pictures here -




.... and of course -




The wierd thing about WW1, is that I feel that I should know such a lot more about it than I actually do. Personally, I find it's depressingly easy to come across whole subject areas which I simply knew nothing about.

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