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i was wonderint, what is the best f-104 for this searies? i curently have WoI


the F-104G its Multi role the outers are Air to Air combat planes good ones ther fast and the S type carries AIM-7s

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Theres a load on here: F-104 downloads


The flight models probably havnt been upgraded for most of them - so try them out they might be alright - and they might need a few tweaks here and there.

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Well, unless I forget others, there are 3 great F-104 families for WoX :


- TW's, actually only the F-104G and the community derivatives.

- Ajunaidr's F-104, the whole family, unfortunately they date from quite some time, meaning the FM might possibly not be up to the actual standards, also, the mapping and skins often don't match the feel of other planes which may be visually disturbing for some people.

- Wpnssgt F-104s, mostly early ones, while the comments on the FM also apply, their skins on the other hand are often a better match with the rest of the planeset.


It's all a question of tastes, needs and verisimilitude.

They're all quality products by the standards of their release, but may seem quite dated with the stream of very high quality (and polygon count) planes we get these days.

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