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Rick Rawlings

Best. Fight. Ever.

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So, flying in an N17 with 4 other pilots, we run into a flight of seven DII's and DIII's. During the first head on pass, I break right only to see a DII turning to my left. Pulling hard, I manage to slide right in behind him at about 100 feet. As all of us are still very close together, I hurry to line up and plaster him with about 50 rounds in the cockpit area. He very quickly pulls down and to the right and then starts the long spin for the deck. Now I am dodging and twirling around to avoid a) getting shot and, more importantly, b) getting rammed when the fight starts to break up. Keeping my altitude, I look around and see most of the planes below me. I then notice one Albatross across from me in my turning circle at about the same altitude and so I make off for him. As we engage, I notice he has some stuff written on the side of his plane. I think it said "Mora" or something similar. Following him down, I am constantly looking around for the trap. My enemy pulls some great manuevers on the way to the deck, but eventually he is out of altitude and can dive no more. Checking once more, I see the buddy he is waiting for, but he is too far away. Several turns later and a bunch of good bursts and down the ace goes.

Taking a good look around I notice a few more DII's in the area. As I am alone as far as I can tell, this looks like a good time to head home. Grabbing what altitude I can, I head north, constantly checking my six. Eventually, I notice one plane following me. What's worse, he is slowly gaining despite my good lead. After about five minutes, it is clear I will be shot down if I don't take the fight to him. Turning around, I start my attack. Unfortunately for him, he is all alone against a determined N17 pilot. The battle is brief and bloody and over. Another ace, by the name of Gros, goes down.


If anybody is still sitting on the fence over phase 3, I would say that the 1.26 patch has really nailed it. If you do what you are supposed to, you stand a pretty good chance. Forget to check your six and it is all over. If you catch a plane at a vulnerable spot, like the top of a climb, a good accurate burst will take it out. In the swirling melee, several good bursts are still needed to take them down. If you love a good immersive sim, don't pass this one up!



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What you said! It's really hard to imagine how this sim could be much better. I don't EVEN have time for it, and I manage to fly it at least some every day. I'm TOTALLY addicted.

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Ditto - addicted may be the right word, sworn in fits it military wise.

And, Rick - with an Alby, I don't need SEVERAL good bursts on a Nieuport.

I give them ONE, and then go on to the next. The plane hit WILL crash.

That way, ammo lasts longer (although: I have already 1.000 rounds).

I let my wings cover my back, and finish one Nupe after the other off.


(No, was just teasing. I have to learn completely new - still make SO many mistakes. Without TIR, I'd be lost now...)

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