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For numerous missiles, for numerous countries, there is not a missile effect. No contrails or launch effects.

I looked in my weapondata.ini and I saw many of my missiles had effects that do not exist.

For example, the AIM-7E worked fine before I installed the latest patch. Now, in the weapondata.ini, it says the effect for launch is R1.

I made a copy of and renamed the MissileLaunchEffect to R1, still nothing. Is this an issue with the weapons pack, the patch, my weapondata.ini, or my game?

Some missiles work fine, some that worked before dont.

I have the Weapons Pack 2.52 by the WO*/SFP1 Community by AOCbravo2004. Should I try a different weapons pack or what?

Any help would be appreciated.



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well - looking at the stock AIM-7E in the "weapons editor" for example


Booster Effect Name = MissileFireEffect


In flight effect name = MissileInFlightEffect


Effect class name = MediumMissileEffects


Maybe provide a link to the weapons pack you downloaded also?? - it may have put in some old out of date files that are screwing things up.

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Here is the link



From weapondata.ini:


[unneeded data taken out]















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Actually - I should have said that installing a patch over a modded game is a bad idea unless you know how to put parts in manually - which im guessing you probably havnt done.


So best thing to do:


1. Reinstall game

2. Install latest Patch

3. Install that weps pack - which im hoping is up to date (Dec 2008)

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Patching a modded install will bring some of the .ini files to default.

Good luck on your search for weapons.

Edited by jomni

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I went through the weapondata.ini and edited every single weapon with the wrong/no effects. Everything works now. What a task! Those AIM-7E's look great when launched now, SAM's actually have a missile trail, and my nukes actually make a nuclear explosion instead of disappearing and doing massive damage. 3 hours well spend in my opinion.

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