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Originally Posted by eXor

While making a mission, I gave myself 8 AGM-65Ds since I like mavericks

It didn't look quite right so I googled and found this chart. What is the difference between A-10A and OA-10A. Can you mix loadouts from the two sections? Lo-mac allows up to two mavericks on stations 3 and 9 so according to this chart I am limited to four mavericks in total.


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Diceman will correct me if I'm wrong but I think the OA-10 is more for Forward Air Control/observation but I doubt if there is actually a difference in the systems of the two. As I said this maybe in correct I'm really just basing this on the fact that usually aircraft with the O label are usually observation.

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I answered this question on the LOMAC forum but will answer it here also. As Indy said there is no differance in an A-10 and a O/A-10 except the mission flown. It's a bean counter thing so they can do war planning and have the proper number of A-10 for CAS and FAC(A).


Anything an A-10 can carry an O/A-10 can carry. I don't know whay LOMAC limites you to two mavs when you should be able to carry 3 on LAU-88s on both stations for a total of 6 mavs.

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Guest MrMudd

their is no differnce between the OA10 and the a10


See in the days when i started my Career as a Fac we were a "TASS" tactical air support squadron. we used the OV10 Bronco for this.

Today a FAc is a "Mission Profile" and an Upgrade training.


Pretty much anyone can be a FAC A10, F16, F18, Av8, Attack helos and scouts.


the only differnce between all these guys is.


Playtime (time to stay on station)


Ordnance (marking rockets, gun, CBUS etc)


Support cababilities ( laser designation, Illum Flares,)


Communications (most of the above can talk to ground forces today. Coordination radio relays, etc.


Each airframe has a unique capability. the a10 is by far the best of these next to an attack helo. butthe attack helo is limited in range and playtime.


The A10 in the past year has been recieving significant upgrades to bring itto the level of the F16 and F18's precision engagement and Joint laser designations. as well as unique tools likethe Flir etc.


So the A10 right now has and will be a prime stay in the fight FAC and Sandy Coordinator Platform.



What you see in that PIc above is a "Mission loadout" it has nothing to do with what the a10 can or cannot carry.


Much of what that was in that report are dated...


I have the Current DASH-XXX for the a10. LOMAC models what the system was in the mid 90's


Dice will tell you exactly the same. He is the guy that is involved in the Special projects and Depot upgrades of the A10. You will find no finer truth than from his words or from Tiny Giant. a Crew Chief and a pilot that are involved with this system today and were both consultants to this sim title.

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The only difference between an A-10 and an OA-10 is that at some point during the process of obtaining and delivering the aircraft, some contracts person decided that (on paper) some of the aircraft would be designated OA-10 and some simply A-10. There is no physical difference between the two. If you look closely at the paperwork that accompanies each aircraft, some will say OA-10, some won't.

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