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Albatros DII jasta 5 - for Olham

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Thanks, Beanie!

You fly Albatros planes in OFF (as your avatar would say)?

How do you get on with them?


For skinning, I think they are great, cause they are beautifully shaped planes;

and you can use almost any colour on German side.

Keep them coming!

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In red baron campaigns I mainly flew German aircraft, but I am learning to fly them all over again in BH&H!


Since my grandfather got me hooked on WW1 aircraft I have been interested in german aircraft markings and colours. As I have a number of pilots currently flying Albatros DII in BH&H, I have started with skinning Albatros DII, and once the Jasta's receive new aircraft I will skin that type (if my pilots last that long!).


I feel that if you can master the strengths and weakness's of the Albatros it can make a good acount of it's self, although you also have to know when to fight, and when to run!

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Yes, a plane, hard to achieve a high kill tally with. The Dr.1 or the D VII would be much easier.

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