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  1. Hi

    My fame goes before me! Your cat must be both charming and good looking!? Name I got in my time in the armed forces.
  2. Hi

    Hi Parky - sorry to hear about your health issues. WOFF is indeed an excellent sim.
  3. Olham thank you for the amount of work you have put into this.
  4. Count me in. I enjoyed OFF DiD. Look forward to seeing the rules
  5. My thoughts and best wishes are with you, and your family
  6. Olham has gone AWOL (on holiday) for a couple of weeks
  7. I am happy to share the skins with any member who whats them. If you send me a PM with an e-mail address where you would like me to send them - I will bundle the skins up and send me them as soon has I get a share moment. Also just finished Josef Wulf (HA) skin black X - (does not have one in-game). He was commander of Jasta 6 until 1 May 1917.
  8. Could I also have a copy if possible - they look great Cheers Beanie
  9. My current campaign is with Jasta 6 - Late 1916. At this moment in time there is only one in-game HA skin - Carl Holler. So I have set about giving the other HA pilots their own ace skins. I have kept them simple, although records suggest that they had numbers and not symbols or bands until later. I am also working on the skin of a squad member (non HA) who has just become an ace. This is a WIP. 1. Carl Holler 2. Fritz 'Flying Pastor' Loerzer 3 Eduard Ey and Friedrich Mallinckradt
  10. Where is everybody ?

    Never been good at AAR and currnetly having issues taking screen shots in WOFF. Current project Late 1916 Jasta 6 circus - giving skins to HA that do not have in-game skins, and looking into giving any squad mates that have got to ace their own in-game skins - WIP
  11. My first skin...

    Excellent skin - look forward to seeing more.
  12. Where is everybody ?

    Hi I still check the forum every day - but Iam also spending a lot of time getting to know WOFF.

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