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  1. WOFF: More Lethal than Ever

    Catch less of the old! LOL
  2. Perishable skill

    I forgot all about the fences!!!!
  3. Perishable skill

    Hi Trust I have always enjoyed flying two seaters so this update is a wish list come true - but before I attempt the new two seater missions I need to get my landings sorted. Practice flight tonight and I hit the top of a tree as I was coming in to land - it didn't end well - a least I get to start again, although having so much fun - so good to get back to WOFF
  4. re: Patch 1.21

    At least we get to walk away!
  5. Perishable skill

    Hi Pol Another excellent improvement to WOFF. Thank you for the effort and time that you, WM and the rest of the team have put into WOFF. It is still my favourite game even after all these years. Can you say if there are any more plans in the pipe line? I am also going over to WOTR in the next couple of weeks now I have more time on my hands - except for jobs that my wife may suggests that I do around the house!!
  6. Clearly flying in WOFF is a perishable skill. Took my first quick mission today tp get some practise in before starting a new campaign. I forgot the control keys, could not hit anything at 50 peace's and got my plane shot up - more practise needed!
  7. re: Patch 1.21

    I totally agree with Capt. Sopwith and Albrecht's comments - the devs have always supported the WOFF community like no other out there and are an example on how it should be done. This update will be a game changer and add so much more to the WOFF campaign experience and as already be note is for free! Could not have chosen a better to return to my all time favourite game.
  8. Hi

    Hi Trust I am great thank you (able to take life a little easier) - how about you?. Rick I was a Beanie long before Disney used it - maybe I could sue them! H ow are you and your family?
  9. Hi

    Just to say Hello - Hope you are all well Regards Beanie
  10. It's all gone quiet...

    Red Baron - Those were the days! Look how far we have come with the help of OBD
  11. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Enjoying the reports keep them coming gents
  12. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Good luck in the campaign. I would loved to have taken part, but covid keeps changing things. I will look forward to all the future stories
  13. A little colour...

    Thanks Trooper - very nice
  14. MODS release

    Cheers Jerhear - some very nice work, I look forward to using them Regards
  15. Skins

    Cheers Hoongadoonga Regards

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