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Just got Track IR2 and somethings i need advice on.


1) Had a couple of Occasions in the Motion section of the TR2 software where the Tracking Dot will not go full left.

It's like it hits an invisible wall.

This has also happened to me once in the Cockpi in Lomac.

Can look all the way Right'but hit the invisible wall turning left.


Any idea?


2) Also in the Tracking Motion part of the TR2 software.

There is the Black Camera View Window.

The yellow Ball that appears is in the Bottom Right Corner rather than Dead Centre.Is that supposed to be like that?


Also when i move my head up and down on this screen the yellow ball moves correctly.

But if i move my head left the ball moves right and if i move my head right the ball moves left.

It does'nt happen in Lomac'but i am wondering if this is a problem?I clicked on the Invert buttons to see if this would reverse the effect'but it does'nt.



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After i got my trakIr2 I had some problems that where something alike what you are describing.


I'll start from the back with your second question:


The black box in the trackIr2 software shows what the camera is seeing. If the dot is near one of the edges when its centered the trackIr might have difficulties following the dot when you move you head out of its cone of vision. Try adjusting where the trackIr unit is pointed so your dot is near to the center. That might also account for your hitting "the wall"


please get back to me on wether this helps or not. Otherwise try asking to taking a look at the Naturalpoints forums

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Not sure how you have your dots setup or if you are using the hat, but I use 3 dots on a non-trackir ballcap, 1 centered and one on each side of the bill. With this config you can turn your head completely sideways and it still tracks.


I had the problem you described when I first got mine, I had stuck one dot on my mic boom, and when I turned to far to one side the unit would lose track.


Try it and let us know if it fixes it. :D

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I believe hitting F12 resets the dot to the center, The camera view is what the seeker see's. Ensure the camera is set to view you with the reflective dot in the center of the camera. If you reposition your self in your chair and are say 2-3 inches lower hit F12 and it will recenter the dot, via software. Ensure you do not have the dot leave the camera Feild of view.


I use the hat as it came. It works great with FS 2004, and SFP-1, I have ot tried it with LOMAC yet.




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