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Super Hornet PSD (Updated)

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File Name: Super Hornet PSD (Updated)

File Submitter: EricJ

File Submitted: 26 Mar 2009

File Updated: 13 Sep 2009

File Category: Skin Templates / Decal Sets


Fixed the starboard side step area. Other than that remains unchanged from the package.


-Updated intake area, finally put the light textures for the underside wing lights.


- Included are drop tank PSDs, SHARP PSD, and LAU-115C, as well as base templates for the standalone ALQ-99 and ATFLIR.


- Texture enhancements now included from v1.4 release.


Click here to download this file

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Question? Do I place the files in the "Aircraft" folder, or place the files in each "F/A-18E/F" folder?



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In each folder, for example, in the F/A-18E file is the "VFA14" folder. All the necessary files (skins, decals, etc.) are in there already so you have to create a new folder, and mimic that folder to get it to work. So you then also go to the FA-18E.ini and scroll to the bottom and you see the entries for the skins, and copy, and paste and renumber it and specify the folder in where it's supposed to "look". Same thing with the Textureset.ini in the skin folder. I'd go over those to get an idea on how it works.

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