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In fog GFX setup query.

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I have what I believe is a setup anomaly to do with flying through cloud.

From inside the cockpit;


Notice the non clouded bars at each side.

External view;


Edge to edge cloud.


What setting must I address to have the virtual cockpit "clouded " from edge to edge??


Thanks for any assist.

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I have exactly the same. Do you have a wide-screen monitor?


I also get the same thing with the prop. If I'm looking more down than up I see the animation. If I'm looking with the horizon mid-level or lower the animation vanishes.


I believe they're limitations of the CFS rendering engine, same as the non-textured triangles one can see just aft of the cockpit, looking back and down. IL2 had something similar, transparent triangles through the wings at certain back-down views from the cockpit.


They're ugly and irritating, but not show-stoppers (for me at least).

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I'm running wide screen(1680 X 1050) on a Samsung 2232BW through an NVidia GeForce 8800GTX with 768 Mb of GDDR3.


I concur that this is NOT a show stopper, it's just that I tend to crack my neck trying to see around the edges.


I guess the fix is to avoid clouds. Weird s**t happens in cloud at any rate so it's for the best.



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If you zoom your view this will happen too.


The prop vanishing is a known issue player is too close to the Prop CFS3 engine issue.

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