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Question for the HardCore TARGET_TYPES Experts

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All, I'm working on some program updates that I think will be beneficial to the entire community - the focus is on the Target_Types.INI file. I am trying to capture all known variables that a target object might contain - so far I have the following (sorry, it's just a straight programming data dump). Are there ANY other values / fields that I might be missing that should be included? Thanks in advance for your help - I think the output of this development tool will be very helpful to anyone who ever had to manually add objects to their Types.INI files (isn't that just about every modder here... :yes:)




.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "TargetType" '0

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "Name", 3000 '1

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "Full Name ", 2000 '2

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "ModelName" '3

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "TargetType" '4

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "ActiveYear" '5

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "TargetValue" '6

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "UseGroundObject" '7

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "DamagePoint" '8

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "ArmorValue" '9

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "ArmorType" '10

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "RepairRate" '11

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "StartDetectChance" '12

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "StartIdentifiedChance" '13

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "IncreaseDetectChanceKey" '14

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "MaxVisibleDist" ' 15

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "DamagedModel" '16

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "DestroyedEffect " '17

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "DestroyedModel " '18

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "SecondaryChance " '19

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "SecondaryEffect " '20

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "CollisionMesh " '21

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "ZBufferOffset " '22

.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "FlatObject" '23

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I'll add what little I know about what thing means...


"TargetType" - for numerical listing in types ini

"Name" - name to be used in targets ini

"Full Name" - name that shows 'in game'

"ModelName" - lod's name

"TargetType" - objects role; ie: oiltank1 is FUEL_STORAGE; barrack can be set to ARMY_BASE, etc -defined in some dll

"ActiveYear" - when it first can appear (ships automatically Zero; SAMS based on data in start year

"TargetValue" - points awarded to destroy

"UseGroundObject" - yes or no; YES for vehicles/tanks/ships/AAA/SAM/etc. For NO, must have all bits in terrain folder

"DamagePoint" - not really sure; hit points to damage, exceeding that caused destruction?

"ArmorValue" - hit points???

"ArmorType" - not sure of which is what; wood, steel, almuminum, concrete? impervium?

"RepairRate" - for campaigns for sure; how fast it's fixed?

"StartDetectChance" ??? :dntknw: guessing, you already know what it is? (that don't sound right!)

"StartIdentifiedChance" see right above :wink:

IncreaseDetectChanceKey" ?? still no clue

"MaxVisibleDist" ' -- how far away in can be seen from cockpit; distance in meters

"DamagedModel" - if such a lod exists, name goes here

"DestroyedEffect " - effect used when destroyed

"DestroyedModel " - destroyed lod; usually stored in cat files (ie: barrack1_destroyed.lod, etc)

"SecondaryChance" percentage for 2ndy effect - I always set it to 100%, so you have burning stuff as you fly away

"SecondaryEffect" - type of effect (vehiclefireeffect, MeduimOilFire, etc)

"CollisionMesh " - for buildings that you can't fly through (seperate lod

"ZBufferOffset " - ?? :dntknw:

"FlatObject" -- for things like the slabs under the factory place, and other stuff that needs a flat terrain surface (runways)



I'm hoping that some other Knowledgable Folks ™ that have delved deeper into the dlls will pop in and either correct me (as I sure don't know it all in THIS respect) and add more data.




kevin stein

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Thanks Wrench - sorry, I think I should have clarified! Just wondering if there were any actual variables that could be used that I may have missed (entries in addition to the things like "MaxVisibleDist" , "DamagedModel", "DestroyedEffect", etc.). But hey, the explanations are appreciated too, thanks. If anyone else has more to add, please pipe in.

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