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Almost lost my wingmen to SPADs

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That was quite some shock!

Just had we taken off from our field near Vauxcere, just had I scanned the sky, checked my six

and my wingmen - they approached from my 7 o'clock and were some 1500 feet away. I had

taken throttle back to let them catch up, and had a look at the map.

When I looked back again - only seconds later - I saw von Heisenberg climbing, pulling a trail of

smoke; and Knapp performing a spastic kind of dance, a dark plane right behind him.

SPAD XIII ! We were under attack!

I pulled round hard left. Knapp did very well, diving in between trees, and zigzagging round to

seek my shelter. The SPAD pilot was so target fixated, he didn't let off, although he must have

seen me zooming towards him. He lay on his right side in front of me now, big as a barn, and he

got a terrible burst. As he dived away, I realised his wingman coming in on me from the left.

Pulling hard left, not a second too early, I saw his tracers passing me only inches away!

But he made that mistake - tried to turn with me. After two or three rounds, I could cut into

his turn and let him have two, three good bursts. Pulling up steep now, was his second mistake.

I literally shot his SPAD to pieces!

We reassembled, but von Heisenberg wasn't there. Having fired some 500 - 600 rounds, and not

knowing, how much damage Knapp had received, I broke off the patrol and we went home.

We saw von Heisenberg's wreckage, burning, and I feel terrible. I hadn't seen them.

Those "Schweinehunde" must have come in really low; against the typicall tactics of SPADs...

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Way cool!Reading your account and looking at the screenshot made me feel as if I had been there watching. Kinda like a historical event.



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