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All skinned out!...for now

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Hahaha... What smashing fun the skinning contest has been! (result of which means the Judges have shed loads to wade through!)...that'll teach 'em! :biggrin:


I am working on a Pup at the moment, but it won't be finished in time for the judging... But that's not what is important!


What IS important, is that it's been a source of immense pleasure doing it..... with great banter from all the gang, Beanie, Olham Red-Dog, Stumper, Chrispdm, RAF Louvert, fubar, Werewolf, Rooster and Deadhead, and of course Gous.... I salute you all!!!..... Some absolutely stunning skins!!... And I pride myself in owning ALL of them! :good:


We will continue to build on the skills and knowledge we have learned when skinning these wonderful aeroplanes that the OFF team have created for us to enjoy.


Considering the dedicated skinning section has only been available since we moved to this forum, we have six pages of skins now...which is great!


I am sure that anyone in future who want's to try their hand at skinning, will receive a lot of help and support from the guys mentioned above, and I recommend having a bash...it's a lot of fun!


Good luck in the contest you guys!

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I agree WM, this has been a lot of fun, and it produced a wonderful assortment of new skins we can all share. I will be getting to work on a few new ones in the near future to further add to the already outstanding collection.


Best of luck to all those who entered their work in the competition! :good:





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Well spoken, Widow - now we're on the last miles to the finish, and I also have two or three, which I

would have liked to finish. I'll dee how far I can get tomorrow. Today, I got the "Firebird" almost done;

also a Seefrosta "Haifisch" and a "Wespe" (Wasp). On the last two, I could use the shark mouth, you

sent me with the Pfalz - thanks again!

For me, it would be hard to judge; but if I won't make it , I'll carry on doing skins - it's great fun!

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