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You find it too quiet in your area?

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This was a really eventful flight.

On our patrol, I spotted those Brisfits, heading towards us. Although SPADs come out to my

ears by now, I didn't want to engage them. To our right, up in the sun and almost invisible,

there were 5 or 6 Fokker Dr.1, flying my direction. As the Bristols seemed to target me, I

lured them towards the Fokkers. And it worked!

The Dreideckers did the bloody job, and they did it hard and short; the Brisfits fell.

Fifteen minutes later, i had a chance to return the favour. Near my waypoint two, I met the

blue Fokkers again. Now they were all tangling with 5 SPADs. That was interesting to watch.

Those two types didn't know how to get at each other. The SPADs boomed and zoomed, so

the Dr.1's couldn't get them - but at each attack, they turned so crazy, that the SPADs just

missed them all the time.

So I joined in and shot two of the French fighters down. It was a very dangerous situation, as

you can see in the pictures. Those Fokkers were all over the place. I was glad and caught a

deep breath, when I was out of that furball!


But when you find it too quet, were you are, come to Vauxcere, July 1918!

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Those blue Fokkers are from Jasta 36, unless I'm completely mistaken. They have nice looking skins compared to the factory painted Dr.I, which looks even uglier than most of the Entente paints. :rolleyes:


But speaking of activity, I don't think there are any peaceful and quiet sectors remaining in 1918. Even the border area between Germany and France close to Switzerland seems to have more activity in that final year of the war. In 1916 and even in 1917 you can live a relatively danger-free pilot's life there, but not in 1918.


Especially the new American squadrons that become active in 1918 add to the Entente air traffic. I imagine things are going to get really difficult for Germans in the fall of 1918 - but all of my pilots have a long way to go before they are there!

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