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Hello All,


I'm trying to extend the bottom viewing area of the HUD. I want to be able to see the flight path marker at a higher angle of attack instead of it disappearing from view. I changed some numbers in some initial files with no luck, any ideas. Is there an easy data initial entry to change?

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in the avionis ini, go to the HUD section





ViewportTopLeft=-0.115,-0.080 <-- this defines the upper left point of the HUD area

ViewportBottomRight=0.115,0.23 <-- this the lower right




Note that positive numbers increase the area DOWN, and decreasing the value/ negative values enhance the area UP

In this example, to enhance the HUD area further down, you would need to increase the 0.23 value ( cant remember the measurement of the value)

Start with 0.25 then check in game, adjust until you have what you want.

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