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Hello, this is a placeholder WE.177B 450KT thermonuclear device for use by RAF aircraft. The WE.177B began life as an interim weapon as a result of the Skybolt fiasco but became the UK's longest serving free fall nuclear bomb. The last remaining ones were retired in 1995 leaving the Senior service as the sole custodians of Britain's nuclear deterrent.


Credits: Whoever made the B-83 nuclear bomb, all credit goes to this person for creating the LOD that I have chosen for this because it has the closest match in shape and size compared to the others. The skin is also a repaint of the original. I assume permission according to the Freeware Licensing agreement at Combat Ace is granted by the creator as this weapon was included in the 331 KillerBee's SFP2 Ordnance Shop, if you know who created it or are the creator please drop me a PM so I can add you to the credits.


Not to be used in payware at all on pain of death.


Kopis n Xiphos 11th May 2009.


Note: You may have to increase the values in the bomb bay or attachment points to get this to fit, it was carried by Jaguar, Tornado, Vulcan, Victor, Bucaneer and most likely would have been squeezed into the F-111K somehow had we continued with that project.


Edit: File updated to reflect real life service dates, 1966-1995


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