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  1. I've got the sound working fine for the A and B, but the C only has afterburner sounds. Funny thing is, I switched the sound in the data.ini to the standard "jetengine" sound file, and it still doesn't work. Very strange... any tips or ideas ? Other than that glitch - a very nice package that's simply a hoot to fly! SB
  2. A Thank You To Erik

    Bravo Zulu Erik! Manouver well executed! SB
  3. "Rat Breath" or "Chunks"... Can't be too serious, can we ? SB
  4. It was also cleared for use on the SHAR and FA2... yikes! SB
  5. What´s this?

    Yes - as posted above, that's what happens when you try to place too many decals on a mesh. Check the decal.ini and amend accordingly! SB
  6. I can't remember exactly, but didn't WoV have the carriers cycle through on something replicating a typical deployment to the theatre ? Maybe you could simply have one deployment on Dixie end, followed after a week or two interval and restarting on Yankee... SB
  7. Ark

    Hinch, I'm a ship freak, and your Ark has always looked great to me. Of course your opinion is the one that really matters, but us humble "users" all seem to think she's pretty sweet. Thanks for ALL your flattops! SB
  8. Veltro, I hope you're feeling okay - broken wrists aren't fun at all. Take care of yourself, and get well soon... even before the injury, you've earned the break! SB
  9. ...I'm amazed you can still type after all that work. Thank heaven a Marine took on this project! SB
  10. Excellent add-on! I just love trying to dogfight this puppy from the back seat. Thanks to all for the hard work bringing this to us! SB
  11. I've had the same problem ever since the "Unlimited" setting became available. Selecting Unlimited results in blurred textures - but it only effects the aircraft details, not anything else. I'm running a Nvidia GTX280 so having the horsepower on the card isn't the issue... I tried messing with the settings in the Options.ini but didn't get anywhere, so finally gave up and used NHancer to set everythng the way I liked. I couldn't understand why all these beautiful pictures were coming out in the screenshots thread, and yet my display looked awful! SB
  12. Having a blast with this terrain. I liked the original version, this one's even better. Thanks! SB
  13. Nimrod R1 and R2 ? Great... now all we need is a map that includes northern Russia and we can have our own Spy Flights...! SB
  14. SF2 + Razbam = ?s

    Hey KB, Why not get this added to the KB... The inner-workings of SFV2 remain a mystery to many of us! SB

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