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  1. Top Gun - Lt Steve Collins

    Good on him. The first one to attend as a student for sure, but, weren't the Fleet Air Arm's instructors from Lossie kind of instrumental in setting the whole dog and pony show up for them back in the Vietnam days? That was what they were telling Rolland White when he was researching Phoenix Squadron at any rate. I'd be interested to here from any US Navy guys who would know about it if that was in fact the case. I haven't heard any rebuff from the USN. I'm sure they wouldn't forget a great big nasty Scottish instructor with a callsign like "Haggis" in a hurry! http://news.sky.com/story/679411/top-gun-heroes-based-on-brit-flying-aces
  2. God DAMN!

    Job well done!
  3. Dark Falcon released!

    You did brilliantly to get that far if you haven't played it for that long, it's still enough of a learning curve coming from FreeFalcon! The Comms got me confused to start with, but it's actually not that bad. Check out the frequencies for the various airbases in the manual and the gif images for airport approaches, these will give you the tower frequencies, then it's just a simple matter of hitting the Comms 1 or 2 button on the ICP then enter the desired frequency (no need to include the . just enter the full string of digits) and hit enter and voila. However, I'm not quite up to speed on how you find out the freqs for Gas, AWACS, or other flights in MP. It will be a long cold spell in TE hell before I show my face in MP
  4. Dark Falcon released!

    My girlfriend's brother kindly offered to let me use his printer to do all the necessaries, I might be a ludite in some respects but I actually like the tactile thing of having an A5 binder with reinforced polythene pockets, for the price of what it would cost to have them done at Staples though, I could well have bought myself an I-phone I got used to the ILS in Free Falcon being a kind of always there thing, like the magic E key in Strike Fighters, you just clicked on and that was it. Having looked a bit into it, it wasn't that hard, just have to hit 1 on the ICP to get the T-ILS input on the DED, enter 11030 for Kunsan ILS, enter the course heading for runway 36 at Kunsan, which is 356 degrees, and bingo! (Well it might well be bingo by the time my fat clumsy fingers get it all done using the hat view to pan around the cockpit, I really think this is time to invest in TIR and a proper HOTAS) Now she's doing the ironing, time to go back for a sneaky TE
  5. Dark Falcon released!

    Great shots there MigBuster! Way cool with the TGP, I'm going to try that later I almost got three wheels down on the impossible landing, finally figuring out how to use the new Comms procedures to get the tower frequency. I haven't quite figured out how to get the ILS set up right yet, so back to RTFM for me I think I'm amazed that in all the time I played it so far, I haven't had so much as one lock up or CTD, when in that time I would have had at least a dozen in FF5.5.5, and I thought that was an improvement! Also, with absolutely all of the eye candy setting turned off, it still looks a hell of a lot better on my craptop than any previous version did on it, not to mention it runs smoother than silk panties down a prom queen's legs
  6. Dark Falcon released!

    Good job you looked!
  7. Dark Falcon released!

    Pause, Alt Tab to desktop, and read the PDF. Where was the CD?
  8. Dark Falcon released!

    $27 for what? I'm guessing you bought or re bought the original Falcon 4.0 for installation because that's all that would cost, the mod is free and no one should be charging for it. My craptop is well under the minimum specs, so I've been tweaking and twiddling with the graphics settings to get it as fast as it will go, ended up turning off literally every thing but keeping the sliders where the installer put them. It flies smooth as silk now, sooo fluid, and even with all the eye candy dialed down,. it's still looking better to my eyes than Free Falcon even. The terrain tiles aren't that bad and will certainly get better when FLARE comes out soon, but for me the best thing is the fluidity and the stability! Even with the latest Free Falcon, I'd get the occasional graphic lock ups, but not once have I had any CTD, graphic lock up etc with this release, the sole issue was some graphic glitches at the edge of the F-18 and F-14 cockpits last night when I had eye candy turned on waay past what the craptop could take. Enjoy!
  9. Dark Falcon released!

    Nope, they are very clear on that, it has to be the original Falcon 4 installation files whether contained on CD or on a folder on some other media. If you do find the disc, copy the content to a USB disc in case you need it again, or you could search see if it's stored somewhere already? I picked up a second hand copy online for £5, worth it for the manual alone, I expect now they'll be going like hotcakes though, so get on teh Ebays!
  10. Dark Falcon released!

    I'm tweaking the sliders to push my ancient craptop as close to this vid as I can. I'm more than ready to consider upgrading hardware for this, I feel like a kid again! Now where are those force sensing HOTAS mods sold again? I suppose I'll be amending my sig soon then.. lol
  11. Dark Falcon released!

    The download is available via torrent only at this time, link is on this page http://dailyairforce.com/791/Best-F16-Simulator-Has-Gotten-Even-Better.html
  12. Dark Falcon released!

    Just wait until FLARE is finished for the terrain as well, then it really will be an all round beauty! http://www.cleared-t.../03/falcon-bms/ Edit: For those who haven't been following the Falcon world developments over the last decade or so, FLARE is an advanced overhaul for the Falcon terrain that was allegedly being developed for OF, this didn't make much sense as the developer seemed to be a very capable and intelligent man therefore most people saw past the cover story. As soon as Giorgio explained he had chosen OF over FF as the Falcon flavour with most development going on, it was obvious that he knew something that most of us didn't, as OF has been as dead as Lead Pursuit for years, no updates, no development, nada. OF was based on a leaked exe of BMS, the developers went hardcore for secrecy after that, hence the nick "Dark Falcon". Any leaked pictures, videos etc. provoked a barrage of trolling and childish behaviour, people acting as if they were owed something even though this is a free project off the back of hard work, unlike some of the least scrupulous out there that have ripped off other people's hard work and charged for it, or taken people's money only to disappear. All in all, the BMS team always had a reputation for perfectionism in the Falcon world, and the "official rumours" indicated that they just weren't going to do a Vista with their project, the world could have it, but only when it would be at least as stable as AF, and better. If you thought AF or the latest FF was stable, wait until you see Dark Falcon throw Chuck Norris style roundhouse kicks from the top of a fence post, after three jugs of Burboun, and still be more stable, not to mention prettier, with the highest fidelity avionics and flight model of any Falcon iteration period, and with the kinks ironed out of what was always, and still is, the best dynamic campaign engine developed for a flight sim ever - fact. Basically, this amounts to a mod that puts Falcon right back into the DCS age, and it's free! So whatta ya waiting for!
  13. ...................................... http://forums.eagle....ght=bms&page=70 http://www.benchmark...rum/content.php It was true all along! I feel like all my Christmases forever just came at once!
  14. Nazi brought to Justice

    At the very least he's been publicly shamed, and hopefully that will give him a much less satisfying exit off this earth when he dies soon. Imagine had he got away with it completely, the bastard could leave with a smile on his face thinking "yes", hopefully now not so easy for him.

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