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Need help ? Press help !

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Was that just luck, or do members of flight 1 also help, when I press "H" ?


We just had a scramble. First, there where 4 R.E.8 approaching our field.

When I had just climbed enough to attack them, two Brisfits came zooming from above

(God - DiD Standard is tough - I hadn't noticed them before!)

As I was hit and my engine damaged immediately, I pressed "H" help. And who came?

The great ace Max Ritter von Mueller helped me out!


Here are pictures - von Mueller's Albatros has the black and white sign on; I am the craft

at the Brisfit, giving it the final punch.


Has anyone else experienced getting help from flight 1 ?

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Can't help ya with the 'help' function. But I gotta ask. Does that von Mueller have an all red version of that craft with the same design on the side? If so, he shot down and killed Hillman Macklroy just two days ago. :blink:

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Hahaha! Great story, Mack! Yes, his Albatros DIII early was red, with that sign on.

But he is a really nice chap, if you're not his opponent. Friendly guy with good humour.

But also a very successful ace.


(Thanks to "The Aerodrome" website for the picture)

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