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CD or not CD

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This question has probably been asked and answered before but here goes. Is there a way to Run OFF without having the CFS3 disk in the computer? The way we used to do it with RB3d so the disk wont wear out.

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I'm quite lucky (though I didn't feel happy at first) to have one and a half copies of MS-CFS3. When I decided that I had read/seen enough about OFF to want to get it (correct that - NEED!) I knew I still had a working copy of MS-CFS3 on my hard drive, but that it had been readdressed onto another drive. I figured out that all I'd have to do is (possibly) re-install it to C drive. But this is on my "old" computer, and my "new" one is on order. I checked it out anywway, and was horrified to learn that I only had disc 1 of 2, the other one went MIA.


Determined to make OFF happen, I ordered a second copy of MS-CFS3 for $US10 from Amazon (though it cost me about $AUS65 with exchange rates and postage and handling. But now I can still run MS-CFS3 on my old computer and it works just fine with Disc 1 only (after the original installation of course), and I have a new copy to install to my new computer.


I understand that if you have a newer version of MS-CFS3 (the DVD version), you don't require the install disc to play (which will save on wear, 'cos I'm gonna play this incessantly, I just know). But if I do require the disc to play, I now have TWO, so if one wears out...I'm laughing.

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