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  1. Taps for Multiplayer

    Winston you definately are persistant! A buddy of mine is ordering OFF as I send you this. He finally got a computer that will handle the game. I will help him get set up once he gets his disks. Heck, you might even see me back on for a while to get him sorted out! I also just ordered Track IR for myself and need an easier game than ROF to learn to fly with it! I have plans of being on IL2 New Years day for a little bit. Going to a party later in the evening though! Cheers buddy! Keep up the good work and the persistance!
  2. Taps for Multiplayer

    VB, You are one of the people I mentioned that work on the game to make it better and are really under appreciated for you efforts. I hope your new mission is a success.
  3. Well it looks like the developers got their wish! Their disinterest in supporting the multiplayer aspect of OFF has finally paid off and everyone that worked their asses off to fix what they could and those I used to fly with have all moved on to other Flight Sims. So to everyone I ever met in the virtual skies of OFF, Salute! I'm done with multiplayer. I will still fly OFF offline from time to time though because I still like the game.

    DId it work? Is Stumper back as well?
  5. Vasco, Downloaded all the new skins, including mine. Where do all those .dds files go for everyone? It's been a long time since I have messed with skins in OFF. Ax
  6. Crew Two Seaters?

    Hey Red-Dog! I only fly OFF withe the CFS engine right now. Winston has given me all the files I need to fly all the versions you mentioned. For WW2 i am sill flying IL-2 with the boys of 60. I really enjoy that one. Very good graphics, lots to do, great re-arm and re-fuel feature to it. And of course the guys that fly IL-2 online are a great bunch of guys, just like all the guys I fly OFF and ROF with. Of course I really enjoy flying with my friends from across the pond. We don't get to many of you lot with ROF or IL-2. Looking forward to OFF again once summer time fun is over with and I don't want to go out in the crap weather during the day anymore!
  7. Crew Two Seaters?

    You guys going to start flying on Sunday's again? When and what time?
  8. Anyone still interested?

    I would love to play ANY online aircraft related game! I just don't have the time any more. By the time any games start for ROF or IL2 on week nights it's 9 or 10 pm here. and during the summer I am spending more time out doors and at Gaming conventions. I'm hoping to get back into flying more once summer is over. I still play just very seldom. I wouldn't mind getting OFF going again but not right now.
  9. When 'not' OFFing

    Winston, You should put links to the downloads and instructions on how to link up with you guys online.
  10. Saturdays still a go

    This is just a bad time for online flying Winston, especially for those of us in the east. The weather is finally turning nice so there is a ton of things to get done outside with the house, yard and 3 cars. Not to mention just not being cooped up in the house during the day! AND it's game convention season for those of us who enjoy tabletop wargames. Around here there is one just about every weekend starting in April going through August. Not to mention the fact that I am involved with running a tournament this memorial day weekend. The best time for me to fly right now is weeknights around 7 - 10 pm. Even then i am only online a couple nights a week flying ROF with Duck and some ex IL-2 boys. PD has cut his IL-2 missions way down while he faces some RL hurdles. This seems to pretty much be the cycle of life for online games. They get hot and heavy during the winter and then slow down in the spring and summer then the next flavor of the year comes out and everyone jumps on it. Don't be to discouraged, there will always be people to fly with from time to time just not as many right now. It will pick up again, you'll see (Phase 4) Ax
  11. For MP mission realism and quality nothing beats OFF. I do however like flying both online not because of the games but the fun I have with the people I fly with.
  12. Looks good Winston! I should be there Saturday. That's 1pm edt my time or 2?
  13. I see UK servers up all the time for ROF! You should be able to find one you like. IMHO OFF online is still better! You will have to let me know what you think after you have tried it for awhile.
  14. Saturday multiplayer mini campaign

    Two of my kids and I play this game quite a bit and it is fairly fast paced. You have to plot three moves ahead each turn. No time for naps or you get your butt shot off!

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