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The Hebee Gebees

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Hi all,

Ive got the new patch,followed install distructions,BUT...i noticed a problem when

sittin on the runway,external view(f5),any a/c,(and i tried em all in my hanger)Jumps like crazy,it's only the bottom 1/5th of the screen.


After take off all is well,only on the runway external rear view.Has anyone experienced this effect?


Ive got ati 9600pro 128/with cat 3.10 drivers.I tried 3.7's,same thing.Fooled with

all in game graphic adjustments,same thing.Turned off aniso & fsaa,same thing.


Also... ive got a M$ FF2 stick,is there anyway to turn off force feedback in game?

i can turn it off in properties,but its still activated in game.


Win XPpro

Athlon 2200xp


1g pc2700 ddr

ATI 9600pro 128

80g WD HD


Any help appreciated....Thanks dfang

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He he! I've been sitting here quietly like a sniper. Just waiting. Yeah, I have the same exact thing. You ain't alone, Bro. :D


When in cockpit view, sitting on the runway waiting to take off, the aircraft were also bouncing around. That specific problem is throttle related. I got rid of it by moving the throttle then dropping it to zero but I have to do this each time.


As for the 5 view, haven't solved that one yet. I also tried going from 3.10 to 3.7 and it had no effect whatsoever.


XP Home Edition

Athlon 2200+ XP

Asus A7V333

1 gig PC2700

80 gig IBM Deskstar 7200 rpm

ATI Radeon 9800, 128 mb





As you said, once you get going it goes away so it doesn't ruin the sim at all. I would still rather not have it as I always like to start on the runway.

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In the F5 view it will stop jitter if you either

1) release the brakes

2) move throttle above 0%


It only happens (at least for me) with the combination of brakes on & 0% throttle.


Alternatively use F6 view.

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Thanks, BUFF! I'll try that. Been using F6 but would just as soon not have it doing the pee pee dance at all.

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