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Dardanelles Campaign Project Update

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Good Evening All,


I have sorted out a way to build passable representations of the numerous forts I will need for the Dardanelles missions. Since there were over a dozen heavily buttressed forts of various shapes and sizes involved in this campaign I needed to come up with a way to create them that didn't involve massive amounts of 3-D model work. Mind you, I am likely only going to have about five or six of the forts scattered through-out, but it would still have required more time, energy, and talent than I currently have at my disposal. After some investigation, and a head-scratching session or two, I discovered that by repainting only three existing buildings already in the sim files I was able to come up with the required building blocks needed for a snap-together, do-it-yourself, OFF fort kit. Here are a couple screenshots showing the work thus far:








I am still trying to sort out the guns. I had a harbor cannon in the southern-facing gun house actually working but when I turned it a bit to line up better with the entrance to the straits it quit firing and actually seemed to fall off to the side. If anyone knows what parameters I need to set in which files to have the guns stay level I would much appreciate the information. I have a hunch that the issue has to do with the uneven ground the gun is sitting on.


Actually, now that I have all the math figured out on this first one, it's kinda' fun putting these together. BTW, I played with Legos a lot when I was a kid. :biggrin:





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