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Fuel Management and True Airspeed (SF2E)

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Hi all


Small question about the F-15A:


1) Is the distance readout on HUD and HSI to next waypoint with a decimal, or not? IE 999 on the analogue HSI counter is 99.9 miles, or ninehundred? the HUD does use a decimal, spelling it 99.9


2) Is the HUD speed true Air Speed or Indicated Air Speed? It shows the same as the analogue speed clock.


Solving those two mysteries should allow me to manage my fuel y calculating flight time, which right now I can't get my head around.


Oh, and I gotta say I'm now hooked. It's not LOMAC in it's details, but the random nature of the missions, together with the "less than super lethal" missile tech of the era really make for some awesome BVR/WVR engagements. Very refreshing to not get fragged by every single incoming missile for once. And the AI plays it's part well too, even BVR.


thanks for the help

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Thanks, funny that someone else stumpled upon this today too.


I did some math and found that speed is likely True Air Speed - at 400 knots, the average 180 miles to target are a small hop and leave a lot of fuel, so that is sorted.

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