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Waldemar Kurtz

Bomber missions

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I've just finished a late war career where 80 percent of all of my assigned missions were scramble sorties. given that I was flying for a Schusta 24b near Cambrai-- I would have hoped I would get at least one ground forces attack mission! is there any way to swap the scramble mission out and replace it with something more plausible?


I've already tried the "cut-and-paste" approach of pasting missions in from the corresponding fighter mission text file--but that just makes the game freeze up and become unplayable. given that the Roland can't carry bombs at all--it makes sense to bypass bombing missions when I'm doing a Roland career. likewise, it would make sense to give it balloon busting missions and escort duties since they actually performed these duties during the Battle of Verdun.


just thinking here... obviously by the end of 1916 we don't want every German two-seater unit doing balloon busting attacks or escort work! then again, FA62 is a bomber unit equiped exclusively with Fokker monoplanes-- so it's not that strange, I guess.

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Stick Auto/manual campaign advance on, in Workshop. Then if you get a mission you don't like, click the "time advance" button bottom right on campaign screen which will change day/time and mission. Then go back to mission briefing.

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