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F-4C 1965 Version 2- By Crab_02 and Mike Druzolowski


***This corrects several small issues. I have also included serial numbers for a third unit – the 45th TFS, which is famous for getting the USAF’s first mig kills in Southeast Asia. Please overwrite all previous files. Sorry for any inconvenience!***


This project started out with my early attempts to make the stock WOV F-4s a little more authentic. Crab_02 eventually contacted me and kindly shared his Phantom II update project with me, which is what this is based on. All credits go to him, without his basic work, help and guidance in learning 3D modeling, I never could have come this far. Our continued thanks to TK and Third Wire to allow us continued freeware development of his work.


This first model will form the basis for every subsequent F-4 variant that flew in Southeast Asia (and hopefully, beyond). Please contact me for any problems or issues - we'll do our best to correct them and make this even more authentic for what's to come. PM me at Combatace or E-mail at mppd@att.net please.


I made this package for the post-October 08 patched version for Wings over Vietnam (which is what I'm flying). Textures are 1024 pixel resolution to help frame rates on modest systems (like mine) - so view the external views at arm's length, not extremely close-up please. Versions for SF2 with higher resolution textures are sure to follow.

My sincere thanks (in addition to Crab and TK) go to Sundowner - who originally shared his F-4 texture templates with me and what I started with originally, and also to drdoyo for his 1024 templates which helped, Ravenclaw_007 for the kind permission to include his super Martin Baker ejection seat in this package, and to Old Diego for kind permission to include his superb pilots, and to X Ray who did the superb pilot repaints (and whose name was forgotten in the original readme of the 1965 version).


Description: The airplane depicted is the Air Force F-4C as it appeared in 1965 during its combat debut in Southeast Asia - Navy LAU-17 pylons with adapters for A/G ordnance, no radar homing and warning antennas nor all of the small antennas added later on.

New features include:

*New vertical stab and rudder shapes

*New nose radome and IR sensor housing shapes

*New detailed pylons and Sidewinder rails

*New 3D model cockpit (mostly invisible though...)

*New nose wheel doors

*Animated air refueling door (Shift + 8)

*Opening canopies of course (Shift + 3)

*New horizontal stab bases

*New early McAir and later Fletcher wing tanks (with pylons that correctly jettison along with the tank) plus new centerline 600 gal tank with retained pylon

*Numerous small detail changes

(Note that all textures for the stock Thirdwire F-4s can be made to fit with minor alterations - watch leading edge flap, vertical stab/rudder and intake splitter plate locations mostly.)


Issues: I used many parts that I already had built, so separate bmps are included for the pylons, nose and rails - these should have been combined into one I guess.


Historical bit: Five USAF F-4C squadrons of Tactical Air Command rotated TDY to Southeast Asia during 1965 as follows:

*45th TFS, 15th TFW MacDill AFB TDY to Ubon RTAFB April to August 1965

*47th TFS, 15th TFW MacDill AFB TDY to Ubon RTAFB July to November 1965

*68th TFS, 8th TFW George AFB TDY to Korat RTAFB August to December 1965 (acft remained

to form the 433rd TFS at Ubon)

*431st TFS, 8th TFW George AFB TDY to Ubon RTAFB August to December 1965 (acft

remained to form the 497th TFS at Ubon)

*43rd TFS, 15th TFW MacDill AFB TDY to Cam Rahn Bay AB October 1965 to January 1966

All originally carried the gull grey/white scheme as factory applied - similar to the Navy F-4B but with markings differences (especially no intake walkways or splitter plate turbine warning markings). The FJ- "buzz" numbers were removed from all aircraft USAF wide from ca. September 1965, and then the three-tone camouflage scheme was locally applied in SEA from November 1965 through ca. January 1966. The 68th TFS aircraft are depicted as they arrived at Korat (with FJ- fuselage buzz numbers and TAC vertical stab insignias). The 431st TFS is depicted as aircraft looked at Ubon late in 1965, after the buzz numbers were removed and several had the TAC insignia removed as well. Few personal or squadron markings were seen.


Notes about the flight model: Basically the default post Oct 08 patched data.ini, but I have modified the landing gear rolling coefficient to have a bit more drag (the plane will not move by itself and take off like a rocket when the brakes are released!), I have reduced the wheel braking effect so that a few taps will not make the thing stop on a dime (however they will not hold the plane in place when the power is brought up to over 78% - adjust as desired, and I have increased the speed brakes effect to a more realistic effect (to me). The original values have a triple slash in front of them, so modify as desired if you don't like my changes.


Cockpit notes: Uses the stock post Oct 08 patch WOV cockpit, but I have added a sight reticle which is a brighter orange - matches photos I have seen a bit better I think.


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