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hello all another of the wall question from yours truly. i converted STORM's EF-4C to Gen2 (for my use right now) and have it flying good in game. the main things i am haveing trouble with are as follows


Decals: i downloaded the USAF wing decal set which has the needed decals for 81st TFS 52d TFW but i cant make sense of the tga file names to figure out which one it is i need. is there a way to read tga files without notepad so it doesn't look like gobbleygook? does any one know which tga goes to what in that download so i can plug it in the decal.ini?(yes that would be a cheating fix)


Programs: what programs would i need to be able to tweak the skin and to change the model itself? for accuracy i want to remove the red stripe from around the fuselage and on the fin cap as well. the model itself also needs a few additional antennea on the nose and on the intake shoulder to accurately represent wild weasel 4. most important to this question is where can i find these programs preferably free or very cheap? i am an E-5 with a family of 5 so cant quite blow a couple hundred on this herevava.gif


Weapons: i have tried a fix to keep Standard ARM off of the F-4C of NOTALLOWEDWEAPONS= but it doesnt seem to work. am i phrasing it wrong? also do i need to put more info in than AGM-78B/C/D? each model gets its own donot allow line but still nada. i also tried adjusting allowed weight per pylon but can't work that with out cutting CBU load or getting something else funky. my test pics will show AGM-78 but that is from check flights in auto pilot to ensure my latest ini edits worked ok.


also for ya'lls general info i took the Gen2 F-4C_67 and applied the ini and skin from the EF-4C to make my wild weasel. if i can get it where i want it to be and STORM is ok with it i will upload it though maybe not til i get home in januarysorry.gif internet loves to drop here so not sure id get it online here in the stan.i appreciate your help in advance and heres a pic of what i got so far for your viewing pleasure.

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Decals: TGA files are graphic files, and so any decent graphics program can view them...GIMP is a decent one.


Tweaking the skin can also be done in GIMP. You need to learn it first...it's not intuitive right off the bat.


LOD files (the model) cannot be changed once built. You need access to the original MAX file, which can be only be opened by 3ds MAX (sometimes just called MAX) by Autodesk (a 3d editing program that can a cost few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the license). Now there are ways to make parts disappear using ini edits, and if you have MAX or know someone with MAX that can help you, you can add parts using the 'Pilot' method.


I've been testing the NotAllowedWeapon parameter and I can't seem to get it to work either. Question, why don't you just not load the weapon? You can either manually not load it, or edit the LOADOUT.INI file to force load the specific weapon you want. Another techique is to have 2 weapon stations for the same pylon position. In other words, one weapon station would only be for bombs, and the other would only be for ARM missiles, with specific LoadLimit, DiameterLimit and LengthLimit for each weapon station.



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DA: try this file




I did this several years ago; been on my site for at least 3 years -can't find it here and I know I uploaded it!! It might need a little "modernization" tweeking (ie: SF2). IIRC, it was designed with the old BunyPak in mind, so some edititating/renaming of attachtment NationName= and weapons name may be needed.


It's an upgrade for the EF-4C with nearly 100% accurate weapons loads and mission statements. Works fine as is now in WoE/TOS games.


At worst, it's a good starting point!! :)


EDIT: don't forget, you can extract the TOS F-4C lod and reuse that in NextGen games (as this bird needs it!)



kevin stein

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to both of you guys thanks for the assist

@kowalski gotcha on the programs is there a good site to find them on? always have bad luck googling for software so tryin to get a reliable site to get the software from. i know that there is a thread on the fake pilot method in the KB i just need to know what tools(program) i need to use the the technique. but know i know and knowing is....ah you get it. finally as for the loadout i know i could just manually not load it. but not every is a phantom phanatic and knows that the C model weasel didn't have the room for the wiring for the standard arm. it could physically carry it but it would have been an expensive dumb bomb. just tryin fer some accuracy.


@wrench appreciate the heads up on the file on your site think i saw it some time ago. this has been my fun little intro to modding and i'm a good ways there with it. like i said i used the stock F-4C_67 as it had some lump bumps and antennea i need already over the F-4C. Ive then been addin relevant parts of the Gen 1 ini to my Gen 2 bird. had it full up but for the skins couple of weeks ago then my comp froze up and i had to reboot. damn my lack of an external hd! anyhow just about got it done gotta redo daves checklist for upgrading again. probably could release for SF2V but im more of a Germany guy so tryin to get it set for 81st TFS not just 67th.


again thanks guys




um o/t question just switched from dark scheme to usaf scheme for the site noticed the rank on my member info. could you guys tell this soldier what rank that is? i always get confused with air force and navy enlisted ranks.

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