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Lock On Online Campaign War Every Saturday 8pm Est

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Earlier this Week we tested out our OC-192 Server with Lomac with great success. On Each Saturday @ 8pm Eastern time we will be hosting a Massive Multiplayer Online Campaign In Hyperlobby which will evolve Air 2 Air & Air 2 Ground Roles. Each mission will be Based on the calculated result of the mission of the previous week. This Saturdays Mission:

Game Settings: Padlock On, G-Effects On, Recover On, Map view On 'Player only' everything else OFF

Blue Coalition: F15 (Fighter Sweep) Su27 (CAP) & A-10 (CAS)

Red Coalition: Su33 (CAP) Mig29S(Fighter Sweep) Mig29A (Escort) Su25 (CAS)


Ground Threats, Shilkas Stralas, vulcan



USA & Ukraine are conducting war games in a joint effort on the Crimean peninsula Russia has deployed its forces to the region in an aggressive move to observe its neighbors war games and conducting exercises of her own. Canadian Forces in the region are concerned about having Both Forces in such Close proximity using live munitions could be extremely dangerous.


Look for our Server On Saturday's at 8pm Eastern USA time in Hyperlobby 'S77th-OC-192'


If you would like to Help with the writing of missions for the server Please contact me on Dante@maddog-simulations.com


Also we now have 2 North American Ladder Competitions Open For both the Hard Core Simulation junkies & the Arcade Flight players visit Visit Maddog-simulations.com

I would like to encourage All Squadrons to create a team and participate in the Mad Dog Fighting ladders as it is run by Virtual Pilots FOR Virtual pilots we understand the needs of your squadron & the complexities of the game.

Edited by S77th-Dante

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i will put map friendlies on to increase & encourage teamwork i may also next week provide a public voice comms server (will see about that if i have time) we had a small issue with server, it locked up after the su-25's had destroyed a dozen tanks. (or so)




what a disaster. What started out as joint excersies in the ukrain has lead to all out hostilites. those canadians were right, haveing russian forces & american forces so close together was dangerous.


Nobody Really knows WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOTS but it has started something that wont be stopped.!


The Ukraine Federation has called for more US troops & and tank units to be Deployed in the region Stating the russian instigators must be driven back into the stone age.


Next Weeks Mission Saturday 8pm est




US F15's Must Defend a Convoy of C-17 & C-130 inbound to Kerch.


mission Success/partial success = win for blue, Fail = win for Red

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Mission Breifing Saturday 14th


Russian Forces have learned about the Troop Build up in the Crimea. & have sent 3wings of their Finest Mig-29s's Escorted by a wing of Su27's to intercept and destroy the C17's C130's An74's that are in bound to kerch Airfield.



Mig29S Intercept and Destroy Transport planes in the air & on the ground as they are unloading. Mission Success if all 8 transports are destroyed



F15's 27th Fighting Eagles Squadron have been deployed to patrol & ensure the safe arrival of escort transport planes. at mission start you are at 30000ft with 75% fuel left. Remaining Squadron of F15's Launch from Foudeasya and are to patrol over Kerch Airfield protecting the Strip from Air to Ground Attacks. mission success if any transports survive the feared onslaught.

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