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the poster says it all.....


I love this poster. It emphasizes what a rather large amount of our flight hours are being burned for.


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LOL, I actually saw that happen once from the ground, only a mile from my house!

It was a month or so before the 2004 elections, and the local stadium (as in maybe 3 miles from my house, some MLB team does spring training there) was holding a rally with the President and his brother, our governor. AF1 flew into Patrick AFB, and Marine One flew him out and back escorted by all these other helos (saw them fly past less than a mile north of my house).

The rally was like 12-2 or something, and around 1 I was driving back from lunch when I saw this tiny high-winged piston tail-dragger flying south over I-95. Now we see planes like that around all the time with the local little airports, but I knew the rally was going on and I thought "Huh? There should be a no-fly zone here!" I mentioned it to my wife, then turned to look at the plane which was now behind us JUST as an F-16 buzzed him at VERY close range, firing flares. I mean, the plane was under 2000ft altitude, maybe under 1000ft, and I think had a top speed of 90mph or something, so the F-16 wasn't going to be doing any escorting. I guess the guy was flying VFR and had his radio off or something? Anyway, he was forced to land at Merrit Island airport where he had some serious 'splaining to do.

I will say this, though...in my opinion the CAP failed. That plane flew within a mile of the stadium at low altitude. Had it been filled with explosives it might have made it there before they could stop it. Had it been filled with some chem/bio weapon that could spread the stadium could've been affected even if it was shot down before actually reaching it.


I found this online, tells what kind of plane it was (but it was an F-16, not F-15, not that the media ever gets that right):



Later, in Melbourne, an F-15 escorted a plane to Merritt Island Airport near Cocoa Beach, said Greg Martin, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington.


Pilot Robert Hargrave, 73, was heading south from Georgia to Boca Raton in an Aeronca Champ when he violated the 30-mile-wide ring of restricted airspace over the Melbourne rally, Brevard County sheriff's Lt. John Coppola said. Hargrave was flying at about 1,200 feet. Fighter jets dropped flares and made several passes while trying to contact the pilot by radio as he passed the stadium heading south. When the pilot realized he was flying in restricted airspace, he turned around - sending him north, directly over the stadium, Coppola said.


"It made everybody very nervous when we saw the aircraft turn northbound," Coppola said.


This link has some pics from people there:


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sitting in NORAD, this nonsense has kept us very busy. and its not that hard to check NOTAMS........

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