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Help on Taget locking

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I am having one heck of a time keeping a lock on the enemy plane im Dodfighting with. Everytime I just between the pit and external I have to cycle through and find him for a lock again. What keyboard command can I use to stay locked on a target when going between internal and external views? :this:


Thanks in advance

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Originally when OFF was first released, around 2005, Padlocking and Brackets were never intended to be used. Only with the noteriaty of Phase III has their use become more accepted.


Couple that to the worst view capability via the hat switch, in any flight sim ever seen, which explains a lot yikes.gif

Yes If I had the cash for the TIR4 it would already be here. I would like to have that option but just not going to happen yet... cash flow with the wifes health is at a low point.


Yes I am glad to hear the HAT thingy is a shared problem. I find that trying to get the hat to work as needed is not going well. I don't like using the external as much as I am doing but the lack of Hat settings is really making me have to use it more than usual.


Ok I guess I need to work on figuring out the HAT settings better for right now.


anyone have an old TIR4 for sale since I know you hardcore guys hav TIR5 by now :idea:


And I also refuse to use the labels and text on the screens even more than using external views. That really kills the feel of the fights

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