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Tailend Charlie's end

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Since my best German pilot died a couple of days ago I've been checking out some of the machines for the French and British. Chose an RFC squadron that had Sopwith Pups (March 1917) since I'd never sim flown one before. Nice little machine! First mission my pilot was lead for 2nd Flight on an aerodrome attack (Jasta 2's field) and the whole raid was a smashing success with my avatar sucessfully shooting down two Albatross DIIIs (watched replay as I only out one claim in, but replay showed I actually had two oh well lol). Buoyed by the sudden success, I flew the second mission for that day, this time an offensive patrol near some northern enemy airfields.


Now a curious thing happened, and this time my pilot was not selected to lead the flight. No worries, as I can almost pretty much keep up with AI leads. We get over the front lines and lo and behold we get intercepted by three Jasta 18 Albatross DII's. They quickly cut me off, and I'm staying above them and climbing a bit at the same time I'm circling. I managed to pump some rounds into one Albatross, but not enough to kill, only enough to have him fly away smoking. The other two enemy pilots just keep on firing short bursts at range into my machine which finally decides its had enough lead and slams into the turf. Far away are two little specs...the other two chaps from 2nd Flight heading towards the target destination having left me to die. Its probably a good thing my RFC pilot died, otherwise there'd be a couple of chaps missing anotomical bitz, i.e., a large portion of their backside from the @sschewing I'd be giving them. Never had that happen as a Jasta pilot. Coming back to the side that doesn't abandon their wingmates.

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Welcome back, Baldric!

As the tail end Charly, you didn't have another wingmen then to cover you, I assume.

I wonder, if the wingman can also call the guy he covers, for help (H) ?


Normally, the British are as fair and good comrades as the Germans, I'm sure.

I think, they couldn't see, where you were.

The best thing to do in one Pup against two Albatros (1 gun vs 4 !) is IMHO to climb

in spiral out and away, cause your climb should be a lot better than theirs.


But they fought like I do in that heavier crate: I fire long range bursts at them to

damage their craft, and then I can get them. The firepower of German crates should

never be underestimated - a short hit can be devastating.

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