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  1. Guess what?

    The download took under an hour for me, the install time afterwards was about twenty minutes (my machine is venerable now). Fired it up briefly...first impression was great, the added colourized photos are nice to see, and the music by M.Milne is excellent as usual. This is going to be a lot of fun. Now to get the TiR reset-up and my hotas needs a good dusting off. kind regards, Dave
  2. Good tip, thank you for sharing it. I haven't played for awhile so was thinking of using the TAC and being able to resize it is great.
  3. Welcome!

    Fun to be back here! Hello all, good to see all these most excellent folks.
  4. Have to agree with you Do335 :) Times have deffo changed!
  5. I'd hesitate to say 'mass disappointment' only because it's just the same five or six people yammering tiresomely away in several similar threads-- I agree there were some disappointments (unlock issue, graphics presets, campaign mission difficulty presets to name three of the most..um...vibrant issues) but overall it's a pretty decent sim and does what 1C/777 said it would do in the time period they allotted themselves to get this out. ME is coming, along with d-server. Cheers
  6. I voted for a later start but it doesn't really matter...I can always say I was caught up in the transfer paperwork SNAFU if we start on the 7th. Kind regards, Dave
  7. Is CFS3 worth trying?

    Good to see that kind of torture carry on through so many of the MS flight sim initiatives in order to share the pain. I shared some of that in FSX and got to the point where the sheer volume of add-ons required a special ritual prior to each flight in order for those God's to be appeased. Then, this last weekend, in a fit of idiocy I added the Vertigo Studios Dauntless and I've now got FM nightmares to sort...over-trim, under-trim, smoke pouring from the engine cowling when the keyboard master light switch is punched...wobbling through the air...straight is doable, level is more like a porpoise on drammamine (queue the song from "Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines")...why oh why did I add another model? Then, last evening, after indulging in a wee dram of fine single malt I laughed at those same Gods. Laughed! I loaded another new model, the F4U Corsaire from A2A's Aircraft Factory. It was likened to being in a dream...soaring high, rolling, twisting, diving, no FM troubles...at all...landing safely I thanked Them...humbled. The Gods of All MS Flight Sims are fickle indeed. [./endBlather] Kind regards, Dave
  8. I'm one of the 160 as well, and I've nothing to offer m8, so sorry. Kind regards, Dave
  9. I haven't found the aircraft any more (or less, for that matter) difficult to fly in WOFF than OFF. I'm not a pilot in real life so won't comment on FMs-- as far as I know they are as well modeled as can be given the constraints of CFS3. I don't use pedals, just a twist stick, but I imagine they would give more precise control. Kind regards, Dave
  10. Is CFS3 worth trying?

    Thanks for that info, Flyby. The skirl of the pipes stirs the blood, m8. Kind regards, Dave
  11. Is CFS3 worth trying?

    I'm finding this an interesting discussion. I had stayed away from just using CFS3 as is because a lot of what I read on other forums always seemed to slag the sim and these are some compelling positive posts that might just get me to give it a whirl. I recently re-installed IL-2 1946 (Steamised version) and hadn't got around to exploring the headspinning number of massive mods. I may give CFS3 a go...I think JF has some models compatible with CFS3 too as payware. Kind regards, Dave
  12. The formation of the RFC

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing the link. Usually when I'm having a shufti through the Telegraph it's to read Henry Winter's column and check the footie news so I need to be more thorough now lol. Kind regards, Dave
  13. I used to do a lot of skinning in IL-2 back when the templates started appearing, and after seeing some of Olham's recent efforts I've been bitten by the bug again. Thanks for the link RJW :) Kind regards, Dave
  14. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Thanks Olham- much appreciated. My current Flugmaat for the mini-campaign over on SimHQ is Karl "Schnurrbart" Muller and he is from Hamburg (my thinking is that 99% of my pilots come from little towns in Bavaria and don't survive, so if I chose say, Hamburg, then maybe they'd have a better chance...I know I know...grasping at straws). Kind regards, Dave
  15. Does AnKor's mod work on OFF?

    Nicely done!

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