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assigning targets

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Salute.gif Jasta 3 flight of 5 Albatross D-3s got Bounced by a 56 sgn a flight of 5 aircraft. I used Olham method of assigning targets. The fight started with them 3000ft higher then Emil v Tripiz s (2 Kills) flight at 5 000ft Lots of diving twisting and turning and pot shots. Great deflection shot long range but only a handful of hits. Spoted a SE 5 being chased by a D-3 being chased by another SE 5. Looked up and saw a diving SE 5 shooting at an Albatross circling right a lot of misses. finally, after staying away from the enemy fighters saw close by a lone SE 5 slanted down for the weeds. The D-3s machine guns chatted and got hits as a thin veil of smoke streamed back from the english scout smearing the blue sky. Hearing gun fire from behind , Emil broke left nosed down and signaled recall. The Jasta broke off the fight. heat.gif

Score Card.

Both sides: Loss: 0

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No losses, that's a change ,eh? Did you go back to your aerodrome or quick exit? Sounds like the EA broke off too. That would be a good bit of realism.

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