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F4F-4 Wildcat, VF-41, MTO "Torch"

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F4F-4 Wildcat, VF-41, MTO "Torch"

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, VF-41 'Operation Torch' Skin & Ini Pak


for SF/SFG/WoV/WoE WW2: MTO Installs


=Version 2.0 - will update and REPLACE the original from 2005=


This package contains a new skin, and some minor data & cockpit ini mods for Pasko's F4F-4 "Wildcat". It is designed to TOTALLY replace the VF-41 version released several years ago.


The skin represents VF-41 "Red Rippers" based aboard USS RANGER during Operation Torch, the Invasion of North Africa (well, actually, we all know it was Morocco and Tunisia, but why quibble???)


This new skin, like the other Wildcat skins I've done recently, is from my home-grown template, with all redrawn panel, rivet and other details. It has been resized to 1024x, so has a bit more detail than the older 512 version. All new decals, of the correct font and size have been created for the Modex and BuNums. The BuNums ARE for -4 Wildcats, but I was unable to acertain WHICH exact numbers were used by VF-41 during Torch. So, consider them as 'generic'; accurate, but generic <grin>


For those that haven't updated their MTO install's F4F-4, all the inis and sounds from the PTO Wildcat Upgrade are included; new data, cockpit and Main ini --so make sure you follow the instructions below!!!

The cockpit ini makes use of a new WW2 N-3 gunsight tga.

Like it's PTO brother, the canopy has been switched to an animation key (shift/0). The wingfold stays the same as originally issued; you use the bomb-bay control key (cntrl/O). As always, all the lights have been updated with accurate running, formation and landing lights. Also, the landing gear retraction sound is now the 'rachet' noise, as heard in the PTO upgrades.

A new WoE-style 'carrier deck' hangar screen, JUST for this mod is included (as it uses the VF41 skin)


As always, it's reccomended you unzip this package to a temp folder or your desktop, or somewhere's else that's easy to find to gain access to the rest of this readme for full, detailed install instructions.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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Your description above says that you created templates for Pasko's Wildcat. However, it seems that it has not been uploaded. Could you share it, if possible? Thanks.

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