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  1. One of the complete Falklands packs has a Dagger.lod dated 28/05/2007. (This model is a bit more detailed than the earlier one.)
  2. Or use the Dagger.lod, which calls one of them 'uhf_top'...
  3. The Thuds in desert and euro camo look really cool.
  4. You don't have to remake the whole thing. Probably it is easier to use Armourdave's F-105D templates and modify them. The images below show the F-105G lod with my unfinished F-105D wrap-around textures. The wings, horizontal stabs, as well as the front and rear fuselage are the same as on the G. The middle part of the fuselage and a few bits on the vertical stab need some work. Compare the available skins and use Mue's lod viewer, you'll see the differences.
  5. A few winter shots from the Eastern Front.
  6. Upgrading an old aircraft: Wolf's Bf 109F-4. Data.ini updated and corrected, skins are WiP. This old model has some issues, making it quite hard to skin. But I like it, since this is the only freeware F-4 we have.
  7. Foreigners in the RAF (Spitfire Mk IIa)
  8. Possibly the original image:
  9. Editing the alias.lst might help. You can create the desired decal list with a few clicks in MS Excel or similar software.
  10. Here is one more: No 421 Sqn: Apr-May 1942 Canadian, AU Interesting fact: In 1941, the personal plane of Douglas Bader was a Spit Va, even though the wing he commanded flew the cannon-armed Vb. He thought that the machine-gun armament was more effective against fighters (especially at close range) than the then-troublesome cannons.
  11. RAF units that used the Spit V.a with operational dates, short info and sqn codes: No 26 Sqn: Mar-Nov 1944 Artillery spotters for the Royal Navy, RM No 54 Sqn: May-Nov 1941 Fighter, KL No 66 Sqn: Feb-Mar 1942 Fighter, LZ No 116 Sqn: Oct-Dec 1942 Anti Aircraft Calibration Unit, II No 130 Sqn: Oct-Dec 1941 Fighter, PJ No 133 Sqn: Jan-Mar 1942 Fighter (Eagle Squadron), MD No 134 Sqn: Dec 1941-Feb 1942 No 154 Sqn: Feb-Apr 1942 Fighter, HT No 164 Sqn: Apr-Sep 1942 Argentine-British Sqn, FJ No 165 Sqn: Apr-Jun 1942 SK No 332 Sqn: Jun 1942-Apr 1942 AH (should be Jan instead of Jun...?) No 349 Sqn: Jun-Sep 1943 Belgian, GE These are what I have found so far. There may be others (though not likely due to the limited number this version was built in).
  12. Select a resolution with '...x 32' (32 bit) in the end.
  13. Wrench, Your description above says that you created templates for Pasko's Wildcat. However, it seems that it has not been uploaded. Could you share it, if possible? Thanks.
  14. This might help: https://combatace.com/files/file/10458-catpack-archiving-utility

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