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  1. Today I ran into the same problem. New PC with SSD & HDD, Win10 installed on SSD. First I did not install the game just copied all the SF2 files and folders from my old PC to the SSD. After starting the game, the init. screen appears, then nothing happens. So far this seems exactly what Agostino described. However, reinstalling the game solved the problem (at least in my case). During the install process I got an error message saying that the system was missing Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 (which is needed for running SF2). With a simple click the system downloaded and installed MS Net Framework, then finished installing the game. All is well now, I can even run the game I originally copied over. Agostino, install Microsoft Net Framework and see what happens. Hope this helps.
  2. Czechoslovak MiG-15 in action.
  3. It won't show up as a fuel tank. If everything is set up correctly it appears in the loadout menu as in my screenshot (the number of bombs may differ). Does it appear on the aircraft when you load the mission?
  4. Suez '56 - EC 1/2 Mystere IVA & No. 34 Sqn Hunter Mk. 5
  5. It is the folder in which you installed the game.
  6. Mue's extractor is much more user friendly. https://combatace.com/files/file/15942-mues-toolbox/
  7. Intercept!

    Somewhere over the North Atlantic
  8. Here is the blue skin. As far as I can remember, it is also from CheckSix (I downloaded it in '07). MirageIIIC_2_10_BleuDA.zip Edit: Here is the original C6 link: https://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=5483 Wow, I had no idea that CheckSix was still available.
  9. Hi, I have the Nesher exe if you still need it. I also happen to have a French blue skin for the IIIC as well. Also, note that one of the early Falkland all inclusive packs has updated models for the Dagger and the IIIEA (with higher poly-counts). As for the RWR threat lists, they reside in the same cat file that has the particular aircraft. Use Mue's extractor, the TW one does not seem to be able to extract (or see) them for some reason.
  10. Bear Hunt - The French Style
  11. It seems that TK wanted to implement a function to add deck object variety for his stock carriers, though it does not appear to work. There are entries in the stock SCB-125_Data.ini which seem to serve this purpose (to no avail, apparently): [Cargo1] SystemType=CARGO NodeName=tractor_01 RandomChance=60 In theory, it might be logical to set the RandomChance value to 0 to make the node in question disappear. I tested it a couple of times several years ago but, unfortunately, it did not seem to work. You might test it again, maybe I simply missed something back then. (PS: Needless to say, you have to define these among the SystemName[...] entries in the [Hull] section, e.g. SystemName[011]=Cargo1.) (PS2: 'seaking01' is the node name for the chopper on the elevator.)
  12. A Pukin' Dog over the North Atlantic (with slightly corrected tail decals).
  13. The communication ship SS Layton has become disabled and has wandered into foreign territory. A rescue operation will soon begin. Your mission is to give it air support. There are MiGs in the area. If you witness a hostile act, return fire. This is the real thing. This is what you've been trained for. Make us proud. Ice, Hollywood, sector two.

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