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  1. P-40L in USAAF Desert Camo (North Africa, 1943)
  2. P-40L (325th FG, North Africa & Italy, 1943)
  3. Hi, Copy the two "UnitName=..." entries from your campaign.ini and replace the "Squadron=..." lines with them in your campaign_data.ini. Hope this helps.
  4. Some addition and correction: Escadron de Chasse 1/10 Valois (1974-1981) Escadron de Chasse 3/10 Vexin used the Mirage IIIC until 1988.
  5. Super Sunday

    French Huns in camo look cool.
  6. Streak, You might want to try this instead of enbseries. It gives me better frame rate and seems to be more stable (though I have an old PC and am still on Win 7). http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/
  7. Open the target.ini of your terrain. See if you can find any ’OffMapAirBase=TRUE' entries.
  8. Try removing them and see what happens.
  9. Buddha, Do you have units based at off-maps airbases?
  10. As far as my research goes, those pylons were not often used operationally. One source says that loading them caused significant extra drag. Nevertheless, here are a few pictures showing Turkish F-104S Starfighters with practice bombs and Italian ones with BL755s and Sidewinders.
  11. View File F-8H Phil Air Force skin F-8H Phil Air Force skin by Blade This skin depicts the F-8H Crusaders used by the Philippine Air Force in the 1980s. It can be used with the stock F-8H (69) Crusader. Installation: To use this skin you need SF2 Vietnam or the SF2 Complete Edition. Simply drop the attached 'Objects' folder in your SF2 mod folder. None of your files should be overwritten by this mod. Freeware use only. See downloaded file for more info on the F-8H in Philippine service. Submitter Blade Submitted 09/01/2020 Category F-8  

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