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I have rebuild the front gear of a plane, and tried to rename the "similar" parts of the front gear like the old ones, but the bird explodes on the runway?! :dntknw: in the air is all ok, it realy has someting to do with the gear.


here is the data.ini entry for it
































I know there must be misstake but can`t figure it out, it`s the first time I`m building such stuff. Realy need help with it.

the wheel cover is a WIP so no endproduct/quality


best regards



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Without more info, the only thing I can think is that the mesh name for the wheel is different to what you have listed in the _DATA.ini.


In the instant before the aircraft explodes on the runway, is the aircraft sitting correctly (i.e. level on all wheels) on the runway?

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Also, how does the gear animation look in the air...normal?


If the animation looks odd, check to see which animation controller you used...anything other than TCB won't work right.



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The wheel name is the same like before and I used the same animationslots like before. I now solved the animation prob, it was a wrong turned pivot, strange thing sometimes!


But the game still not know that there is a front wheel, the plane sinks with the nose into the ground when I try to land it

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I remember I had a similar issue, but I can't recall what the problem was :dntknw:

Just try to redo everything step-by step:

- meshes ---> check pivots alignment, same mesh name in 3d and in the ini

- animations ---> check the TCB controller and sequence numbering (from frame 01 to frame 10)

- hierarchy ---> check everything is correctly linked

- ini ---> check node name [NoseGear] is the same as in the list at the beginning of the file

- does it operate in flight? try to start in air and lower the gear.

- leave the shock animation out of the equation, you can work on that later if the rest is ok


If all this can't solve the problem try and make a very low fidelity gear, a simple strut and wheel and see if that works. maybe there's something wrong in the mesh.


Hope you can solve the problem

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I have reset all pivots and delinked all parts, not only one time :this:

checked all animations (waht is TCB?)

hirarchy is right and naming also, damn, flaps are easier to make than this!

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changed the roling radius, nothin happen, still the same prob. I think will try to rebuild a low poly gear maybe I can better understand how all works together


on one of models went up to 3.0 befor it didnt explode on the runway


also make sure no duplicate part names

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the left one is the original and it works, the right one is mine, rebuild and still WIP but it didnt work. I tried to have the same naming of the parts but as you can see on the pic it`s not as easy as I thought..


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You NEED to check that's it's using TCB for an animation...you didn't say if you confirmed that it's using TCB. I've seen that cause problems.


Also, like bobrock said, disable the shock animation in the data.ini to see if you need to change that value.



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I have had this before as well. Based on what you have said how the gear sinks into the runway on landing (eventually causing the nose to touch the ground destroying the aircraft) I think it has to do with the wheel.

The game only knows what to stand the aircraft up on based purely on the _DATA.ini entries. Check the heirarchy and the spelling, something as small as a "space" can cause issues.

TCB is the controller. You need to assign it as the controller for all your meshes that move. In 3ds max, the menu on the right panel with the picture that looks like a rotating wheel is where you can find it. All three need to be set to TCB (i.e. position, rotation and scale)



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