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1.28 exe campaigns?

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Thanks to the CA staff for setting up this EAW section, got my interest in the old girl re-kindled, now I'm having a blast flying the new build.


Now, for my question:


I have the dreaded 7127 on any version but the 1.28B, but some of the campaigns I have tried are not compatible with that build. Sadly, Desert Air War 1.1 just CTDs in 1.28, and is unflyable on my system on the older builds because of UI/interface/settings issues due to 7127 error etc.


So, really I have 2 questions. Any way to get DAW 1.1 running on exe 1.28?


What campaigns are designed for exe 1.28? I already have the Mod Squad's BoB, great work to all concerned.





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I'll explain why there are problems, and what is currently happening.


1.28B uses a larger "runways.dat" file, and up to 256 TMods (0-255) which need a corresponding "tartypes.str" file.

This causes problems with older campaigns, but I got DAW working well with 1.28B by replacing some files with 1.28B compatible versions.

Using the same method I also have SAW and Midway running with 1.28B too.


However, the release of 1.28C with SPAW is imminent, and changes in 1.28C have made me adjust the DAW and SAW set-up to work with it.

1.28C is far more flexible and tidy than any previous version.

It can read "CDF.set" files which list the pathnames of the "CDF" files to use. These can have custom names like "DAW3d.cdf" which is used in place of the default "3d.cdf" file.

It can also read "Dir.set" files which lists folders and subfolders to use.


Here is my EAW folder:



Here's the SAW128CDirSet folder:



Here's the SAW CDFs folder:




That might give you an idea of how this is going to work with 1.28C :dance2:


It will be out very soon, and I will be making older campaigns available for download in the 1.28C format.

If you are absolutely desperate I could send you some files to try with your existing DAW installation.

If you are using the OAW128 filemanager it will make it much easier to pack something for you- please let me know.



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Hi Jel,


Thanks very much for the prompt and detailed response. Lots of useful info there.


I am very excited at the prospect of the new build, like many people I suspect :grin:


Thanks for the offer of help. I am quite happy to wait for the new release and upgraded campaigns as that seems the best way forward.





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Emils ETO campaigns should work with EAW1.28b.


I also made FM´s for ETO 1943-45 and also for ETO1942-45.


If you want them, PM me, i can send them over.





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Hey Guys, I"m a great fan and i was hoping you could direct me to where i can download the add ons? im so lost eery link seems to be damaged :(


kind regards marc

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