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Afghanistan Jalalabad Road1987

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Afghanistan Jalalabad Road1987

Campaign Jalalabad Road 1987



Jalalabad Road 1987

In the mid of 1987 the soviet garrison of Jalalabad is besieged by Dushman forces. On June 5. soviet airborne rangers and special forces starts an offensive operation to open the road to Jalalabad.

Your mission is to fly the Mi-24D, Mi-24P, the Su-25 or the Su-22M4 to support the ground forces.


*Mi-24D and Mi-24P and Su-22M4 you can find in the download section of CombatAce.

*I put a Su-25placeholder into this zip. It is a mod of Erwin-Hans Su-39.

I made it as a quick and dirty mod to bridge the time till we (hopefully) will have areal Su-25 Frogfoot. Some files of the Su-39 are needed.





1.Unzip Folder Afghanistan87 into your Campaigns folder.

2.If you have no Su-25 , then unzip the folder Su-25 into your aircraft folder.

For Su-25 you will need the files Su39.lod, su391_holes.tga, su392_holes.tga and -su391_holes.tga and the camo folder SovietCamo of ErwinHans Su-39. Simply copy this files into Su-25 folder.



Hope you enjoy it



This mod is Freeware. Commercial use is NOT allowed



Michael (Gepard)


Nov 2009


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Hey Gepard,  what should the install base for your mod be? (SF1, WO*)?

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