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Any reservists here?

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Me and two other friends (were are all 20 years old) from Law School are about to join Volunteer Reserve (we are Spaniards), in March, most surely going Navy. In Spain, this kind of reserve

is something new, and has been rolling for few years.


By what we´ve been told, we would be trained as Sargents (no navalized rank names for NCOs here) given that we have getting a month of basic training, then being called to different

specialization degrees,probably on administrative roles, being activated 1-3 months a year in peacetime, mainly in summer to cover the gap of personnel on holidays, or being deployed to support some operations outside. No options for promotions yet, until we get the degree, when we would make it to Ensign


Given that this way of serving in half-time is new here, but several allied countries have been doing it for years, so i would like to ask you, mainly those who serve in reserve components. How do you make it work in your countries? Any advise on making service and civilian life not t interfere too much? Anything on it?


Thanks a lot

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We have a National Reserve, and I was interested once. However, I guess I don't need to apply.

Will surely and probably be denied service. Too bad, but no biggy.

Good luck, enjoy the experiences and comradery!




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The only advice I have is to ensure you give your civilian employer a copy of your military schedule in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts :salute:

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