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Mirage IIIEE (Spanish Air Force) for 1st Gen sims

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Mirage IIIEE (Spanish Air Force) for 1st Gen sims

This is the variant of the Mirage IIIE employed by the Spanish Air Force. Includes all files needed to run it on SFP1, WOE, WOV and WOI, along with loading screens,

specific loadouts, and an ad hoc pilot model. Install dropping into your mods folder. In doubt, readme included also


Mirage Factory Weapons Pack 06 recommended. It is the most downloaded file of the site, will be easy to find


Thanks to Wildcat, Espektro and Mirage Factory. I would like to dedicate it to Bpao, recently deceased, the founder of Mirage Factory, but it would be strange

since this was originally his job, so this is dedicated to the Spanish airmen killed aboard it


Anything wrong with the release, plase contact me here


Esta es la variante del Mirage IIIE empleada por el Ejército del Aire español. Incluye todo lo necesario para funcionar en SF2, así como fondos de pantalla de hangar

y carga, configuracion de armao específica, y un piloto hecho expresamente. Instalar vertiendo sobre la carpa de mods. En caso de duda, incluye un Léame


Recomendado el pack de armas de Mirage Factory del 2006. Es el archivo más descargado de la página, sera facil de encontrar


Gracias a Wildcat, Espektro y Mirage Factory. Me gustaria dedicarlo a la memoria de Bpao, recientemente fallecido, fundador de Mirage Factory, pero me resulta extraño

dedicarle lo que originalmente fue su trabajo, así que dedicado a los aviadores españoles muertos abordo.


Ante cualquier problema, contactar conmigo


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While installing this plane, I read the readme. I discovered there that the mod is based on the Mirage Factory's plane for second gen - having read this, I checked the INI's for their coding and found that the MirageIIIEE.ini was coded in Unicode, not compatible with the first generation (The other INI's are in ANSI). So, there must be an error somewhere, either in the file name "MirageIIIEE (Spanish Air Force) for 1st Gen sims" or occurred while packing the archive, at least the archive in the version that I could download a few minutes ago, today.


Greets, Uhu

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