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  1. Hello! Having just returned to one of my favourite sim games, I quickly encountered an annoying issue again. How are the sight line of the pipper / LCOS / the "aiming dot" for gun shells and rockets boresighted to the actual flight path of your projectiles? How could you modify these parameters? Two examples. 1) Nato Fighters 5, RSR phase 2, German Tornado IDS, e.g. on a CAS mission. I often try to take out the opposite CAS, don't like having my own tanks strafed. But I have to save my 2 'winders for those Flankers soaring above and hunting for any mud mover down below, so I'd have to use the gun. The plane has an LCOS as TRUE in the COCKPIT.ini, but the pipper is waaay to much off from the actual shell flight path, starting from the center of the HUD from the plane. N.b.: the caged AG sight is well placed on the bottom of the simulated HUD plate. 2) Stock F-100, LAU3-Hydras on the outboard pylons. No matter in what angle I'll dive ob the target (albeit I tend to make only really shallow dives, max. 20° below the horizontal...), I need to take aim with approximately the 6-o'clock-diamond of the sight to have a better chance to get a hit, shooting from 1.2 to 0.5 miles distance from the target. It visually seems that the pylons are already somewhat depressed below a true 0° horizontal plane (this is IIRC also the case on stock F-105). On the other side, the guns for the Hun seem to be really well boresighted to the HUD aiming line, almost better than every other plane I'm aware of (either stock or 3rd party). And more, the LCOS, even with radar lock, is often off the true projectile path for me, so I wonder if the refresh rate for the lead computing is low or takes a long time to adjust for a G loading or a fast changing target range. Possible situation: 6G turn, target 0.4 miles distant, closing with 140 knots, I am in his 7 o'clock and a bit less than a second in the turn - the e.g. M61 shells that possibly down the opponent seem to be never those fired while the pipper was over the enemy but more likely those I fired while pulling farther in his turn and having the gunsight visually around 3 plane lenghts in front of his nose. How and where (xxx_COCKPIT.ini?) ist a bad boresight to be fixed? Any hints? Regards, Uhu
  2. Yeah, the Air Force 1 has "Special Air Mission + tailcode", without the president on board, isn't it? @Killerbee: thank you, but I have a follow-up question: who does this callsign assignement that you described ("Usually, The Unit would be assigned a "Callsign" when the Squadron is formed")? Is that the result of an informal agreement of unit members present at the squadron formation, maybe a single flash of wit? Something else? Please satisfy my curiosity. :D Regards, Uhu
  3. Hello! Well, the topic title says it - are there any rules, official or inofficial, for the creation of callsigns? I'm not thinking about individual pilot nicknames, but more about things like flight callsigns (e.g., in game: "Gunslinger", "Zebra", "Olds" etc., or, in Vietnam, "Sandy", "Misty" and so on). I'm curious about it. ^^ Regards, Uhu
  4. Hello! In a working install on NF5 in a fully merged environment, I had the idea of including some stuff of Clancy's Red Storm Rising, given that there is already a RSR, Phase 2. It would have consisted of making use of several squadrons of US and french navy planes (from the Nimitz: F-14, A-6E and from the Foch: Super Étendards and Crusaders, given that both carriers were hypothetically put out of service if not outright sunk). But, inexperiented I am towards those activities, I took care of duplicating the original "campaigne5rsr" folder, but must have overlooked a typo or the like in the course of the INI editing. The italian squadrons come from the "SF2-NF5_ItalianCampaign" mod available here. Could somebody please have a look at my files below and help me troubleshoot the error? Regards, Uhu campaigne5brsr_DATA.INI.txt campaigne5brsr.ini.txt
  5. Hello! After a long break in gaming, I rediscovered again my Thirdwire sims - and the mod that is a game all for itself, NF5. But I found a little oddity. When I'm engaged in dogfighting using the internal gun(s) in a modern 3rd party plane (eg. CF-18, Mirage 2000C, F-15C), I found out that, when the wings are leveled out, I needed to aim with the 6-o'clock position of the reticle to actually get a hit on the enemy. That's quite easy when engaging the rear of an opponent that is seemingly out of fuel and flying steady at ~380 knots, but not at all in a turning fight. A similar misalignemnt occurs when targeting and shooting at surface targets. On the opposite, the stock Hun allows me to aim with the center of its gunsight reticle for a hit on the flying opponent (I did not any more tests with other stock planes, the "Luftverteidigungsdiesel" or its family relatives are not really among my favourites...) Any way to remedy to this problem? I was used to edit the INIs of 1st gen stuff, but not yet for the 2nd gen. so, if somedy has a little hint for me, I'll really appreciate it. Regards, Uhu
  6. Well, I took a look at the armament of the Mirage IIIC. The original loadout.INI of the MF calls for the SARH missile R-530R. In my wepdata.ini, it had a service start year of 1963. I looked it up on Wikipedia, the English version gives a service start year of 1962 along with a source, the French edition says 1963. But you can also read there that the Matra R-530 was an evolution of the earlier SARH R-511, which was carried by the IIIC too. I think that is safe to assume that back in the early sixties, if a war NATO vs. WP had broken out, the interceptor squadrons would have received the best available weaponry, so that an edit to modify the woecamp1_data.ini to give the EC 1/13 either the R-530 or at least the R-511 from the campaign start shouldn't be considered as "cheating"... and help fighting those Beagles. Greets, Uhu
  7. I've noted that when you manage a hit with an AIM-9B on a Beagle, it does not come down in approximately one third of the cases, but it seems to often kill the tailgunner, fortunately... On the other side, you've got a radar guided missile and the mixed tank/rocket pods, very handy for hunting ground targets of opportunity... Je te souhaite bonne chance, Cater! Uhu
  8. Sorry if I interrupt something, but - where did you buy your SFP1 copy, PadFoot? Could it possibly be a second hand article? In that case, I suggest that you make sure that you did not purchase the so-called WalMart version, which is technically speaking a buggy beta release, intended solely as a demonstrator for press - and it's not possible to patch it. You may want to have a look at the following two pages: http://www.column5.us/faq.htm http://forum.combatace.com/topic/9541-patch-problem/ I hope that you will be able to solve your problem. Greets, Uhu
  9. Cater, if you did not feel well flying a french F-100, I suggest that you a Mirage IIIC (coming with one of the NF campaigns)! It's a nice plane, in my opinion, having a quite well balanced armament and a good level of manoeuvrability- I would really appreciate reading some action reports of a DiD campaign of yours in it. Greets, Uhu
  10. Well, at least the 10-08 patch level games don't make use of it anymore and do not have it in their CAT files, so extracting would be difficult... As Ignacio PMed me with this question, I've looked at my old 30-06 copies of WOE and WOV, even there, the GROUNDOBJECTDATA.INI was not in the ObjectData.CAT. Since when was the game engine able to parse the ground object folder by itself? Greets, Uhu
  11. Hello! I'm looking for a way to get asymmetrical loadouts via the loadout screen. IIRC, there was a trick somewhere here, developed by Wrench, to do this by aircraft_DATA.INI edits. A quick search with "asymmetric loadout" didn't return the needed result. I do not want to waste a missile rail where a Sparrow could sit while going on a SEAD mission in a F-4 carrying an ECM pod... If anybody could help and show me the needed edits, I would be glad of it (if it comes to download something here, I've got a problem - I've exhausted my limit for today...) Greets, Uhu
  12. You will need a terrain allowing those missions, look at the terrain section here! You'll find several terrains compliant with Anti-ship missions, the one for Norway, for instance (you've got to adjust the CAT pointer, i guess). Greets, Uhu
  13. My guess is that the outermost items (on the wing rails) are captive training AMRAAMs, then 2 Sidewinders, 2 bombs of the Paveway series, 2 fuel tanks (and 2 CFT) and like jomni, I think that the pods on the fuselage are targeting / navigation pods (LANTIRN, Litening or similar). Greets, Uhu

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