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In case many of you haven't already noticed, there's been a plea for more Biohaz folders. Our goal was to be in the top 100 by next, what, August? For several months now, though, we've been stuck in the lower 300's. We need everyone's help in order to get to and stay at our goal. Every little bit helps. Please, if you aren't already folding for biohaz, start up today!

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Could you explain? Spread the word? Add to favorites? I don't know, but I'll help.

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In a nutshell "Folding" is a Stanford Universtity Project that uses Distrubuted Computing to accomplish analyzing Protiens and how they assemble/fold. The results are used for Folding@home. "FAH is run by an academic institution (specifically the Pande Group, at Stanford University's Chemistry Department), which is a nonprofit institution dedicated to science research and education. We will not sell the data or make any money off of it."


You can find out more about folding at the source

Stanford.edu Folding site


FAQ's about folding Folding FAQ's


"Moreover, perhaps not surprisingly, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. "misfold"), there can be serious effects, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, and Parkinson's disease."

I read the above as research that may cure what may Ail me or my Loved ones sometime latter in our lifespan...


OK! ready to fold? There are different "Clients" I would use the Windows version (there is a DOS version that is more effecient (more points) but the Windows Client is easier to use.


FAH Clients


Here is the client I recommend

Windows Client


Here is how it is set up the User Tab



User Name: put your BioHaz Name here (this is for Bragging rights ;) )

Team Number is 34213


Here is how you set up the Connection Tab (this is for a Broadband Set up), I think you would check Ask before using for dailups.



Here is how you set up the Display Tab



Visualization Type can be whatever you prefer


Here is how to set up the Advanced Tab



I put the FAH program in the Startup group so its alway running.



Ok so your folding what is happening on your machine?

The program download's a protien, it starts crunching the protien when your CPU is "idle", when it is crunching the protein your CPU usage is 100%, depending on your machine it can take days to "Fold" on protien, so this folding gig is pretty much a patience thing...once its done it sends the results to a sever and grabs a new Protien to fold. The cycle continues...




Here you can see my laptop folding under the user Name Team_ODB, note that we actually typed Team ODB, the cleint automatically put the underscore in.


Team Number: 34213 which is the Site Biohazcentral Team, which competes with thousands of other Teams (currently we are in the 300's for position).


Working on: line shows the Protien it is currently working on.


WU progress: is the Work Unit and you can see it has completed 298 steps out of 400 which is 74% of the Protien.


Finished Ws, this machine (my Laptop) has complete and sent results in for 43 Protiens.


Ok sent in some WU's and want to track STATS???


Statsman Link


Go to the bottom of the page and view the Top 1000 Teams Table


You can see we recently passed Team "Dean for America"


Wanna see were you fall in Stats within the Team???


Click Biohazcentral from the above Table and it will show...




There you go there is a snapshot of Folding :)




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Chaingun Scores!

Welcome aboard the Folding Team :D

Posted your first WU!




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bump :D

For a good cause, just lost my father to parkinsons disease. It's a nasty problem...

Edited by Chaingun

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