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GPU Upgradation advice needed

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i've a old computer with 1gb ram,p4 3.06,160gb hdd ,yeah i know how antique it is ,but i want to upgrade my graphics card if someone could suggest a compatible one it will be a great help.






Motherboard description

  • Motherboard manufacturer's name: ECS RC410-M
  • HP/Compaq name: Asterope-GL8E


  • Socket: 775
  • Supports the following processors:
    • Pentium D 900 series Dual Core (Presler)
    • Pentium D 820 (Smithfield, 90nm)
    • Pentium 4 631, 641, 651, 661 (Cedar Mill, 65nm)
    • Pentium 4 630, 640, 650 (Prescott, 90nm)
    • Pentium 4 520J/521, 530J/531, 540J/541, 550J/551 (Prescott, 90nm)
    • Celeron D 352, 356 (Cedar Mill, 65nm)
    • Celeron D 325J/326, 330J/331, 335J/336, 340J/341, 345J/346, 351, 355 (Prescott, 90nm)

Front-side bus (FSB)

  • 800/533 MHz


  • Northbridge: ATI RC410

  • Southbridge: ATI IXP450

BIOS features


Form factor

  • Micro ATX size form factor, 9.6 in x 9.6 in


  • Single-channel memory architecture
  • 2 x 240-pin DIMM sockets support unbuffered non-ECC 400/533 MHZ DDR2 memory modules
  • Maximum HP/Compaq approved memory is 2 GB

Expansion slots

  • Three PCI
  • One PCI Express

Video graphics

  • Integrated
  • Supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards

Onboard audio or audio card

  • Built-in Azalia 8 channel audio
  • Realtek ALC882 or ALC883 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC

Onboard LAN

  • Realtek RTL8100 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet controller

Back panel I/O

  • PS/2 keyboard (purple)
  • PS/2 mouse (green)
  • One SPDIF out port
  • One S-video out port
  • One VGA out port
  • One Parallel port
  • Four USB (2.0)
  • One IEEE 1394a
  • One RJ-45 networking port (LAN)
  • Audio ports:
    • line in (light blue)
    • line out (lime)
    • microphone (pink)
    • side speaker out (gray)
    • rear speaker out (black)
    • center/subwoofer (yellow orange)

Internal connectors

  • Two IDE connectors
  • One floppy drive connector
  • One ATX 24-pin power connector
  • One ATX 4-pin +12v power connector
  • Four Serial ATA connectors
  • One VGA connector
  • One IEEE 1394a connector
  • One CPU fan connector
  • One PC fan connector
  • One CD_IN connector
  • One front panel audio connector
  • One PC panel connector
  • Two USB connectors supporting 2.0 ports

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You've got a PCI express slot, but I don't know how powerful your PSU is which will likely be the limiting factor on how powerful a video card you can get. The fact that it's MicroATX suggests a small case as well.

I'd say any second-line card should do okay, no point in a top-end card as your CPU and PSU won't use it to its max potential. Something like a Geforce 9600/9800 or Radeon 4670/4770/3850, around that range, should do you well.

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