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As the devs have done such a great job with sunrises and sunsets in the game, I make alot of missions that are start with a nite sky. I noticed that althou there are some constellations that are recognizable, quite a few are missing or incomplete.


I have added stars to the stars.xml to complete some of the more prominant constillations.


so far, i have added lyra, cygnus, the pleides, and fixed orion and taurus.



backup your existing starts.xml in you cfsww1 folder, and replace with this.


will be updated as often as i get the time to add stars.


If you have a particular constellation you want fixed or added..post...


http://bhah.homeip.net:192/pub/stars.xml current as of 12-3-09

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was browsing thu some cfs3 downloads, and came across this.




he explicity states the file cannot be uploaded, but it does not say it cant be linked to.


this looks to me way better than anything i could possible do.


Nice find!

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Guest British_eh

Hi there:


This file was DL by me for P1 of OFF, and I thought it was quite good at the time. Perhaps it is still good?





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Bloody hell Duck!


If you start hosting celestial navigation exercises, count me in.


Vasco :pilotfly:


:pilot:Only Multiplayer Aces Get Confirmed Kills :pilot:

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