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TeamSpeak and Windows7 64-bit

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I am finishing updateing my home system to Windows7 64-bit and am trying to work out the last of the quirks. OFF does run and I was able to connect to a game that SittingDuck hosted yesterday (Thanks for the test Duck!). But that test discovered and "odd" issue. TeamSpeak appears to cut out when OFF is running. I just did a quick test here at home using the Loop Back function . . and it is repeatable. My TeamSpeak would quite working from within OFF, but would start if I tabbed out of the game. Stopping again once I tabbed back into OFF.


I just did another test. I typically use "Press to Talk" rather than voice control so I dont accidentally transmit. It seems that OFF is locking out the keys. In this last test I changed my key from L-CTL to . and it still stopped just as OFF started. Then I changed to Voice Activated and it worked fine. Hmmmm. Maybe something fancy needs to be done to the user XML file??



I am open to any thoughts here. IL-2/1946 seems to be working fine with Press to Talk. There has got to be some sort of work around.


Thanks in advance. See ya in the skies . . .

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Strange . . I posted a REPLY to your last response . . but I did not have the rights to EDIT it???


Not sure whats up with that. I discovered (I think) what my problem was. It was something that I "thought" I had done, but one double checking ONE LAST TIME had not been done.


SOLUTION : R-Click on the TeamSpeak shortcut and select PROPERTIES. Make sure that the "Run as Administrator" box is checked. (DOAH!)


Once I did that, my little test of the audio loop back and OFF . . I am able to use Press to Talk with my favorite L-CTL key once again. Yeah!!!


I think we will be finding many of the older XP Generation that will have to run as Administrator.

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lol..ok..sorry,,i just wanted to make sure i put it up right,,,


so,its just a simple matter of telling ppl with w7 that the should be on voice activated rather than push to talk?


Remeber you said you where going to try direct sound vrs wave,,,assume that did not help in any manner.

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